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CBD: climate rallies and the useful idiots of the wokers’ paradise

23 September 2019

5:18 PM

23 September 2019

5:18 PM

Our non-cisgendered prominent political personage from the Progressive Canberra Cadre writes:

As ScoMo jetted off to dine with — CBD can hardly bear to mention the name – That Man Trump there was heartening news with the Climate Strike.

The capacity of GULAG – the Greens, unions, Labor and the Greens – to harness ‘useful idiots’, hundreds of thousands of them, was beyond belief. Sure, the hard-right believe that the ballot box numbers are more important but history has shown that the workers’ paradise is not achieved by democracy but by creating anarchy and fear.

To think so many useful idiots were on the streets unwittingly calling for the demise of capitalism under the guise of wokeness and virtue signalling on matters environmental. Everyone loves the environment. Everyone is committed to it. So if you can dress up your issue or cause in environmental wokeness you are on a winner. And the Climate Strike was a great coup for GULAG.

Despite its great success, however, it has already been undermined by the hard right with its manic commitment to facts and asking questions.

Fancy the hard-right criticising the lecturer who promised to pass students if they attended the climate strike. The hard right still thinks education is about learning rather than indoctrination and wokeness. Some of the hard-right are even suggesting that a walk to school day might be more beneficial than a strike. Possibly for the environment but not for the cause of GULAG and the ushering in of the workers’ paradise.

CBD acknowledges that some of the coverage was suboptimal, with comments by young people which may set back the cause. GULAG clearly encourages young people to hate ScoMo. But it is another thing to give public expression to that sentiment. The climate emergency campaign will not achieve its true purpose if young people articulate the real motivation by talking hate while others foolishly talk about skipping school while others left a huge mess behind after the strike.

And the worst part of the extinction rebellion is that woke couples are actually believing the propaganda and deciding not to have children. They could end up extinguishing themselves whilst the hard-right continues to disgustingly breed.

So often when CBD thinks the cause is being advanced the setbacks start coming. Nevertheless, the New South Wales Liberals continue to provide hope.

The CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the 2019 election campaign – and we have not heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

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