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CBD: the coming workers’ paradise (artist’s impression only)

30 April 2019

8:02 AM

30 April 2019

8:02 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD has finally found a working practical application of the GULAG vision splendid for Australia. What’s more it is already in existence in Australia. Imagine CBD’s excitement.

The GULAG utopia is achievable. Australians can vote to deliver this paradise in Election 19. It deserves the people’s support.

In this utopia the GetUp Labor And Green alliance would deliver guaranteed employment, free health care, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities and only law enforcement has guns.

The GULAG vision splendid works in practice and has been there for all to see from the time of the first white settlement. It’s been right under our noses all that time and CBD didn’t see it. But all can be revealed today. Only one draw back of which CBD is aware. Its name.

Now given the proclivity and propensity of the Queensland GULAG regime to change the names of well-established public institutions – the Lady Cilento Hospital, anyone – CBD is confident the little problem of the name can be overcome. Like paradise the name starts with a ‘p’. And yes it is associated with inmates and a few other less saleable attributes but every one is treated equally and gets the necessities of live for free. It would be dubbed the GULAG triple P by the hard right – The Prison Paradise Policy. So yes the name will need changing but all the makings of good practical public policy implementation is beckoning.

The challenge for BS is whether he will embrace the vision or continue down the path of incrementalism via that weak Fabian approach or seize the moment with boldness.

With momentum and sentiment shifting the time has come for BS to stop being half hearted about his true agenda.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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