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CBD: the people – ugh – have spoken

20 May 2019

5:16 PM

20 May 2019

5:16 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD never understood how many nerve endings are ensconced in one’s sconce. CBD’s election night self-medication to deal with a mix of anger, upset, disbelief is still having stubbornly lingering consequences. GULAG’s defeat so unexpected and devastating.

Given AO QC’s regrettable failure in Kooyong he should be free to take a brief for a class action for GULAG supporters to sue the pollsters, SM’s Team, Sky After Dark, The Spectator Australia and the Murdoch Media. Indeed why not the people themselves.

Please don’t laugh so loud. CBD is nursing a hangover. There is no need to laugh. All of the above named recklessly, wilfully and negligently engaged in behaviours of which it was reasonably foreseeable would cause pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of sick leave and public humiliation. The causes of action must surely be endless. That is ultimately for another day.

So why did the useful idiots fail GULAG?

  • Was it a pushback on PC and Israel Folau?
  • Was it Clive Palmers advertising blitz, SM’s answer to BS’s GetUp?
  • Was it a repudiation of climate change? (Surely not!)
  • Was it a repudiation of income redistribution?
  • Was it a repudiation of socialism?
  • Was it a repudiation of MT and Junior?

And so the list goes. Just imagine the rout if SM’s team had capitalised on the issues CBD has previously identified.

CBD cannot help feel sorry in the hang over haze for Bonkers Banks, BS, and big Clive. Their aspirations frustrated by the pesky people. One silver lining was Warringah.


Excuse me. The headache is coming back…

CBD has been contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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