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Game of wolves

The Albanese government mantra regarding relations with China ‘we need to cooperate with China where we can, disagree where we…

30 Nov 2023

Multiculturalism put to the test

‘Australia is the most successful multicultural nation in the world.’ Australian political leaders of all persuasions have often paraded this…

29 Nov 2023

Pray for sensible socialists and compassionate capitalists, son

There it was again, in a report about what Minister Bowen is planning next – that dreaded phrase … ‘dramatic…

29 Nov 2023

Mandate madness

The 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season was one of the worst in recorded history with fires burning across Australia for over…

29 Nov 2023

Bowen should be goin’

It’s still not too late for Australia’s welfare, let’s hope, for the Opposition to call on the Prime Minister to…

29 Nov 2023

Albo’s control of your TV is only the tip of the iceberg

With Communications Minister Michelle Rowland expected to introduce a ‘prominence’ bill this week, Australians should be very worried about the…

28 Nov 2023

Does the ABS partner violence survey fall short?

Since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its publication on partner violence, the widely reported statistic is that one…

28 Nov 2023

A memoir: ruminating on multiculturalism

Although I do not harbour a principled objection to the writing (and reading) of memoirs – in fact, I enjoy…

28 Nov 2023

Our ‘handsome boy’ in Beijing

Gosh, who knew the Prime Minister would be acclaimed as a ‘handsome boy coming from Australia’, as announced by China’s…

28 Nov 2023

Your handy guide to unreliable activist journalists – published by them

We owe a debt of thanks to hundreds of journalists, and the media union house committees in the ABC and…

27 Nov 2023

Punk Rock politics personified

Javier Gerardo Milei, Argentina’s President-elect, is the new face of punk-rock-politics. The unmarried, former soccer player, economics professor, singer, and…

27 Nov 2023

The Net Zero lemmings rush

Australia’s ALP/Green government and their media mates are using subsidies, taxes, and propaganda in a lemming-style attempt to move the…

27 Nov 2023

It’s Hardcore History, with Dan Carlin

Who was the most influential person in history? Why do empires fall? What is the biggest misconception about WWI? Napoleon or Alexander the Great? And why are men so obsessed with the Roman Empire?

All these questions (and more) are answered by the host of Hardcore History, Dan Carlin. Hardcore History is widely recognised as one of the greatest podcasts of all-time. It has reimagined the telling of history in the modern media age.

Airbus Albo flies off again and again

An overseas trip a month, the latest undertaken during a domestic political crisis – our Prime Minister has truly earned…

25 Nov 2023

Interfaith solidarity must be a two-way street

Since the terrorist attacks on southern Israel by Hamas on 7 October (10/7), there has been a spike in recorded…

25 Nov 2023

A post-Jewish London

The sacking of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary on 13 November was a watershed moment in modern British politics; the…

25 Nov 2023

Sunak’s bizarre lurch leftwards

Not for Suella Braverman the old wisdom that revenge is a dish best served cold. It’s hard to think of…

25 Nov 2023

Black arts faculty

The Queensland University of Technology is to establish a Faculty of Indigenous Knowledges and Culture. Damn, my grammar app keeps…

25 Nov 2023

Israel falsely accused

The horrific 7 October terror attack by Hamas and the consequent yet expected retaliation by Israeli Defense Forces has resulted…

25 Nov 2023

Business/Robbery, etc

Diversity not division. But Australia is headed the other way. When six former prime ministers joined to warn that Australia’s…

25 Nov 2023

Crinks’ war on West

Australian school children protesting for Palestine will gladden the hearts of the Crinks. The Crinks is not a new millennial…

25 Nov 2023

Sunak has doomed Britain to a total ban on smoking

It is an indictment of the intellectual vacuum in British politics that when a prime minister is looking for a…

29 Nov 2023

The desperation of Olivia Colman’s climate change video

When you have a surname like Colman you might think it would be best to avoid appearing in an advertising…

29 Nov 2023

Sunak doesn’t realise the trouble he’s in on immigration

As they headed into the autumn, Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives needed a gamechanger. Their gradual recovery in the polls…

28 Nov 2023

Why is Sunak snubbing the Greeks?

Whatever position people take on the long-running dispute over the ownership of the Elgin marbles, there can be little doubt…

28 Nov 2023

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Kiwi life

Given the UK’s Rishi Sunak sacking Suella Braverman for saying what many others would feel – that the police were…

25 Nov 2023

New Zealand’s coalition goes to war with Jacinda Ardern’s legacy

New Zealand finally has a government again. It’s been 40 days since Labour was defeated in the country’s election, but the…

24 Nov 2023

The worst Noel? Why Kiwis are turning against wealthy foreigners

Wealthy foreigners are flocking to New Zealand, but not all Kiwis are happy about their arrival: not least locals who…

4 Nov 2023

Poetic justice in New Zealand

October 14 was a good day to be a conservative on either side of the Tasman. On the same day…

21 Oct 2023

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Kiwi life

Given the UK’s Rishi Sunak sacking Suella Braverman for saying what many others would feel – that the police were…

25 Nov 2023


My Australian Word of the Year for 2023 is ‘No’. I made the announcement this week on Peta Credlin’s show…

25 Nov 2023

The appeal of apricity

‘She’ll be telling us next how lovely the word petrichor is,’ replied my husband. I had told him that the…

25 Nov 2023

Dear Mary: how do I make sure I’m left alone at a health retreat?

Q. I have given in to pressure from a talented godson and agreed to introduce him to a successful businessman…

25 Nov 2023

The horrors of the ‘Upskirt Decade’

The subject that Sarah Ditum addresses in Toxic is why the early part of this century was ‘such a monstrous…

25 Nov 2023

No nonsense in the kitchen

I rather bristle at newspaper column collections. They strike me as a bit lazy, a cheat’s way of getting another…

25 Nov 2023

The last battle: The Future, by Naomi Alderman, reviewed

The sirens sound in the street. The lockdown order comes. The images on the television are of chaos and illness,…

25 Nov 2023

The Duke of Windsor had much to be thankful for

Once a King is trumpeted as ‘game-changing’, a ‘trove of never-before-seen papers which shed fresh light on the maligned Duke…

25 Nov 2023

A multicultural microcosm: Brooklyn Crime Novel, by Jonathan Lethem, reviewed

Would readers approaching this novel (although novel might not be precisely the right word) without any indication as to the…

25 Nov 2023

The real problem with ChatGPT is that it can never make a joke

I have been reviewing books for nearly four decades – starting in this very magazine – and over the years…

25 Nov 2023

Surreal visions: the best of this year’s art books reviewed

Édouard Manet and Edgar Degas first met in a gallery at the Louvre. Degas was standing, etching plate in hand,…

25 Nov 2023

A choice of this year’s cook books

What a relief to find ourselves in a non-faddy cook book year. We are not being encouraged to chew only…

18 Nov 2023