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CBD: it’s GULAG for government with SM stalled

17 May 2019

11:06 AM

17 May 2019

11:06 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

After today it’s virtually over. CBD is emotionally exhausted. The worry, the panic of thinking SM might pull something out of the hat has now dissipated. Blood pressure is back to normal and the manic monitoring of ABC news can ease off. Blessed relief!

So CBD is quietly confident of a GULAG victory as the finale for Election 19.

A victory by GULAG on any fair and objective assessment cannot be attributed to GULAG’s superior campaigning skills. Rather it needs to be attributed to SM’s team. SM himself did surprisingly well – painful, as it is to admit. But the advice and tactics! CBD cannot believe GULAG’s luck. The oversights and lack of exploiting the obvious was pitiful to observe from a professional sense yet sweet from CBD’s partisan sense. In no particular order CBD sees the fatal flaws as:

  • SM had no effective attack dog. At all. Plenty capable but foolishly not employed;
  • No issue taken on the issue of freedoms;
  • No mention of Safe Schools;
  • No mention of the republic referendum and it’s costs;
  • No disowning the Turnbull clan for their treachery (Border Scots, just like the Nixons);
  • No workplace relations attack defending the independent umpire (actually set up by BS) in its decisions re penalty rates and child care workers. How difficult and awkward for BS to have to criticise his stacked Fair Work Commission with SM defending it?!
  • Failing to call out the ABC bias (even CBD whilst lauding it thought it was over the top especially on climate change). Uncriticised the useful idiots hopefully see climate change as the issue;
  • While on climate change’ BS was clever to duck the question of cost by countering with the question of the cost of not acting. But that response cried out for the obvious retort ‘ what difference in real and practical terms will GULAG’s policy actually make?’ CBD knows the answer is ‘nil’ as does the Chief Scientist. It seems GULAG has so intimidated SM’s team they dare not ask. Years of relentless ground work paying off;
  • Failing to call out GetUp!;
  • Failing to remind voters that BS threatened to run the country like a trade union;
  • BS ‘s role in bringing down two Prime Ministers while claiming stability.

The opportunities were endless. GULAG was vulnerable, very vulnerable. Yet SM allowed BS many ‘get out of gaol free cards’.

GULAG is looking forward to the prize of office on Saturday night. A fitting tribute – ushering in a new era of GULAG government in memory of GULAG’s longest serving prime minister, Bob Hawke.

A sombre note on which to usher in an era of GULAG triumphalism.

CBD has been contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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