The answers to many frequently asked questions relating to subscriptions can be found here.

  1. Your WEB ID and Subscription Number
  2. Customer Services Helpline
  3. Address Corrections/Changes
  4. Renewing your subscription
  5. Delivery Problems
  6. Suspending – Holidays
  7. Cancellations
  8. Payment Security
  9. Spectator Australia app – for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  10. Contact us

Your WEB ID and Subscription Number

Your Subscription Number and WEB ID are printed on the slip of white paper that comes with your printed issue every week – see example above.

Your WEB ID will be in the following format: i.e. ABC1DEF2

Your subscription number will be a six digit number: i.e. 123456

Print & Digital subscribers and Digital only subscribers will need an active WEB ID to gain free access to the subscriber-only content on this website and downloaded editions on the Spectator app. All subscribers will need their WEB ID to access offers from the Spectator Club.

If you can’t find your subscription number or WEB ID, contact customer services on the details below, remembering to clearly state your name and address..

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Customer Services Helpline

Email: spectator@ipgmedia.com.au

Phone: 1800 809 233 or +61 89 362 4134 (phone lines are open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday; and 9am-1pm Saturday for new orders only).

Please remember to quote your subscription number in any correspondance so we can find your details quickly.

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Address Corrections/Changes

If you need to get corrections made to the mailing address to which your magazine is sent, or you have moved and want to change your address, please contact customer services. Alternatively you can visit this page and enter your new address details online.

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Renew your subscription

To renew your subscription go to www.spectator.com.au/renew and enter your Web ID. Alternatively you can contact the subscription team by phone on 1800 809 233 or +61 89 362 4134 or email spectator@ipgmedia.com.au

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Delivery Problems

If you experience any problems with the delivery of your magazine, please contact customer services by email at spectator@ipgmedia.com.au or call 1800 809 233 or +61 89 362 4134.

If your copy arrives damaged, we will replace it. If your copy does not arrive, we will replace it and/or credit the missing issue to your subscription.

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Suspending – Holidays

You can suspend your subscription if you are away from home, and have it restarted when you return. Please contact customer services at least two weeks in advance, and let them know the dates between which you do not wish to receive the magazine. When you return, we’ll arrange for your subscription to restart. Alternatively, we can arrange a temporary change of address. We may make a small additional charge if a subscription paid at the UK rate is sent overseas for a significant period of time.

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Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact customer services by email at spectator@ipgmedia.com.au or call 1800 809 233 or +61 89 362 4134. Any subscription cancellations will take effect at the end of the current term, a refund will not be given for any undelivered issues.

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Payment Security

All payments for subscription orders are taken securely. Please email spectator@ipgmedia.com.au if you have any questions relating to payment security.

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The Spectator Australia App for iPad iPhone, iPod Touch

Print & Digital subscribers and Digital only subscribers can access all magazine content in the Spectator Australia app using an Apple device without additional charges. First download the free ‘Spectator Australia’ app from the App Store on your device from here. Once the app has downloaded, click on the Account icon, choose Existing Subscriptions and enter your Web ID in the space provided. The app will remember your WEB ID for future editions as long as your subscription remains active. If your print subscription lapses, so does your digital access (but your device will retain access to previously downloaded editions).

Alternatively, if you are not currently a subscriber to The Spectator Australia you can purchase single editions using your iTunes account for $10.99 each or take out a subscription and receive one month free.

If you require help with the app, please email App Feedback.

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Contact Us

Subscription Orders and Queries

Spectator Subscriptions
PO Box 393
WA 6984

Telephone: 1800 809 233 or +61 89 362 4134
Email: spectator@ipgmedia.com.au

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