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CBD: If the hard right would just shut up we could all live in peace and harmony

9 May 2019

1:27 PM

9 May 2019

1:27 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

Activism is to be celebrated, as is making a stand. Indeed BS’s mentor (Scally Mc) has authorised CBD and all GULAG supporters to wantonly break the law if one disagrees with it. This has empowered, emboldened and allowed activism to seamlessly progress to the next level.

Now CBD accepts some of the new wannabe activists may just be immature attention seekers (what else are Green activists, I hear the hard right snarl) but BS’s mentor’s authorisation has provided a social licence (so vital in any endeavour in today’s world) to turn them into heroes.

CBD being a pacifist is antithetical to any form of violence – exercised by the hard right through law enforcement – but understands it’s an essential ingredient to help sway the public’s opinion. If CBD and GULAG were truly in control there would be no need to sway public opinion. (People living in paradise would be determined to protect themselves from the possibility of being denied paradise by a vote of misguided people).

The new found physical activism of assault, egging, threatening, abusing, delivering food processed by the human body to the more sedentary activism engaged in by keyboard warriors all assist in dissuading the uglies of the hard right from engaging in the political domain. Their naive sense of decency tends to make them shun involvement if it isn’t civil. Intimidation is such a wonderfully subtle form of closing down opposition.

Stifling if not completely shutting down hard right activists who might venture out and letterbox, go to a Prime Ministerial morning tea or hand out How to Vote cards is a highly worthy objective. But balance is needed. CBD trusts not too many GULAG supporters are energised by recent attempts at egging SM.

One-offs will discourage the hard right from going to their counter-revolutionary morning teas. But if it happens too often it might just be counterproductive and awaken the hard right into activism and, more concerningly, turn off useful idiots to such an extent they reject GULAG altogether and play it safe by returning SM and his team in Election 19.

For the record hate speech (defined as anything CBD dislikes) by the hard right is responsible for all acts of violence including those committed by GULAG supporters. These acts are the direct result of the hard right advocating their cause and refusing to cede their ground to GULAG. Actions have consequences you know. Quiet surrender is all that is asked of the hard right and then we could all live in harmony and tolerance.

Pretty simple really. Don’t know why Sky after dark (or so I’m told – I don’t like it, although I’ve never watched) and the Murdoch columnists don’t comprehend such basic truths.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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