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Memo #MeToo media: ‘Believe all victims’ doesn’t work when claims are lies

1 June 2020

5:00 AM

1 June 2020

5:00 AM

Not only is the left-wing narrative falling apart, but it’s damaging the next generation of children. Last week, The Australian published two articles looking at large sums of taxpayer’s money given out as compensation for abuse found not to have happened.

Taxpayers have allegedly paid out $10,000 to a girl as compensation for her being a victim of sexual abuse. But two Family Court judges rejected the abuse allegations. The allegations were made during a custody dispute and were not substantiated by police or community services.

This father has now launched legal action against NSW Victims Services over the decision to hand over the money as compensation for abuse that was found to be a false allegation by the mother.

In a second case, the father is preparing to challenge a payout of $14,000 to his son for alleged abuse.

“The poor little guy has been brainwashed into believing that I have sexually abused him,” his father said. “All this is going to do [the payment] is reinforce in his mind that I have abused him.”

The truth is out there now.

Just you wait for a line of innocent fathers to step forward to challenge victim’s payouts, awarded in similar circumstances.

These cases utterly smash the faux narrative around these types of allegations.

And, more importantly than being used as a political football, what is crucial here is to look at the damage this narrative causes.

These fathers never abused their children.

The mothers concocted false allegations during custody disputes.

The children have been lead to believe their fathers abused them.

That will cause lifelong psychological damage. This is lives being ruined before our very eyes.

The compensation payouts have been used as supposed “evidence” by the mothers, which has lead to online harassment campaigns.

The fathers have been abused as “paedophiles”.

All this and society hasn’t noticed because man-hating, man-bashing and relentless misandry has become an accepted government-funded narrative.

Attempts to re-establish a relationship between this father and his daughter have reportedly been unsuccessful.

There’s no surprise there, sadly.

Justice Baumann said, “At age nine, it was too great a leap to move the girl from her mother to her father’s care because her negative views of the father had become so entrenched,” according to The Australian. The mother was awarded sole parental responsibility.

Where the hell is the outrage about any of this?

Where is the mainstream media coverage?

Where is the flurry of media reports telling stories of other such cases? Let me assure you, there are thousands.

We are relentlessly told by a biased mainstream media that women don’t make false allegations. Here is yet more proof that is absolute rubbish. Women are human beings too; equally capable of violence, evil and lies.

Where is the outrage about the ruin these fathers have faced?

Where is the outrage about the harm caused to these children?

Where the hell is our national broadcaster, which should be stepping up to tell these stories and correct their own fraudulent gendered narrative.

I’ll wait.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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