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Dear Mr Murdoch, please help us put your journos out of work

15 October 2020

7:34 PM

15 October 2020

7:34 PM

Abuse being hurled at media mogul Rupert Murdoch is nothing new. But using his own newspapers to criticise him?  

Looks like activism has officially reached new levels of insanity.  

Our mates, Mad F***ing Witches are currently delighting in actively encouraging advertisers to withdraw from all Murdoch publications.

Which ones?  

They’re not fussy, because “activism”.

“Go justice, down with capitalism, something, something…” they screech.  

Their tally of so-called “witchdrawals” sat at 108 when checked. Devastating.  

But, wait… there’s more.

“Incredible news” they’ve claimed. “We finally hit our target to take out an ad in Rupert’s Hobart Mercury informing Tasmanians about the dangers of his reporting in relation to climate science. F***ing yay! We’ll work on this project … If you’d like us to make it TWO ads (they cost $700 each and we’ve so far raised $850), there’s still time to donate…” 

So, they’re planning to take out ads in Murdoch papers to spread the word about evil Murdoch; let’s hope someone in ad sales catches this doozy.

Typical unhinged comments rolled in, including, “Murdoch needs to die.”

And this gem, from someone who clearly needs to re-read the definition of democracy, “The only thing we have to fear is old farts stealing our democracy.”

Rupert Murdoch is reportedly worth over $US7 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That’s after distributing $US12 billion in proceeds from the sale of 21st Century Fox to his children.

Now, I’m no mathematician but even Emma Alberici can work out that these “witchdrawals” are not going to make a dent in his wallet.

They may, however, make a dent in the viability of sustaining News Corp employees; you know, everyday, regular citizens trying to pay their mortgages and put food on the table for their families.

It will be News Corp employees – male and female – who end up losing jobs if these clowns have their way.

And not just the journos the Witches so despise. It will be support staff, printers — even the staff in the various canteens.

For what?    

“The cause”?

Social justice warriors may be packed full with fury, but common sense clearly isn’t all the rage.

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