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With woke corporates we soon won’t need elections

22 July 2019

4:18 PM

22 July 2019

4:18 PM

Non Cis-Gendered Individual Number One of the Canberra Cadre writes:

Talk about ‘useful idiots’! CBD and his/her/zi GULAG fellow travellers are genuinely laughing into their cocktails and canapés. Despite a disappointing election we are laughing.

If it’s not the Sports Minister supporting our family destroying transgender agenda or the Minister for Indigenous Australians wrecking the Constitution with indigenous recognition it’s now the clueless but ever so woke (so they think) corporate sector pushing our agenda.

It confirms to CBD that the election loss was in fact no real loss. GULAG’s agenda – that’s the GetUp, unions Labor and Greens, if you came to the party late – continues unabated. Why did CBD expend all that nervous energy and go to AA meetings after 18 May when everything is going along so swimmingly.

Whilst CBD secretly wishes the corporates with their open neck shirts, designer jeans, linen jackets and paleo diets well in their pursuit of undermining this damned democracy we suffer under which so frustrates the timely introduction of the workers paradise with Constitutional recognition of indigenous Australians there is the feeling of it all being surreal. What a win they are for GULAG’s cause. Trojan horse comes to mind but of course not to be mentioned.

Even for CBD the corporates have crossed the threshold from cringeworthy to pure unadulterated cringe. Their expertise? Their knowledge? Their persuasiveness ? All nil! But the media are lapping it up. And they see themselves so seriously, and piously while even from CBD’s perspective they are seen ridiculously.

The corporate lobbying for a voice for the indigenous community in the parliament via a constitutional change is to be highly encouraged.

After all what better way than to drive divisive identity politics , to undermine the concept of all being equal before the law, and undermine the constitution? And all in the one issue. CBD couldn’t be happier. Is shopping at the big corporates still out of the question?

For GULAG’s agenda to be adopted a few fortresses need to be toppled and the concepts of equality, and the Constitution need to be right up there as targets.

‘Equality’ is such a well-disguised weapon. In the name of equality GULAG seeks to make one group more equal. In the name of reconciliation GULAG actually festers discontent and division.

While the pesky hard right are awake to GULAG tactics ( which is why we need to personally belittle and besmirch them, get the focus off the issue at all costs) the woke corporate clique are swallowing and regurgitating our lines more convincingly than if they’d spent a year in a re-education camp.

To undermine your own culture and the system which has allowed you to excel requires an extra dose of wokedness. It really is a call way beyond normal duty. The hard right has been overheard calling the woke corporates ‘bloody dumb’ and CBD in rare moments of lucidity and objectivity tends to agree – but hey how useful are these  corporate idiots? Or as SM would say , ‘how good are corporate idiots?’

Their importance in wrong footing the hard right and arguing against their natural allies is pure gold. Whoever got them onside needs life membership.

GULAG will accept these corporate idiots and publicly laud them. But be assured lest you think GULAG is without insight we do laugh at and about them behind their backs. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth goes the old saying. CBD says don’t look an ass in the brain. Just accept!

And with even Tim Costello telling Christians to ‘ suck it up’ if they’re doing it tough the world of CBD is rosy and admittedly a bit surreal. The view from cloud nine is exceptionally good. And all without a hint of self-medication.

The CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the 2019 election campaign – and we have not heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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