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CBD: Anzac, the woke day of the year down in MONAland

27 April 2019

3:41 PM

27 April 2019

3:41 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD is usually at best ambivalent toward jingoistic celebrations. CBD’s moral superiority means CBD is above nationalism, pride in country, or celebrating glories past.

So ANZAC Day like Australia Day but even more so is a no go zone for the PC oozing CBD. However one false move and you potentially alienate a substantial cohort. And in a democracy that can be fatal. As a result CBD flies below the radar on these occasions and quietly goes about the day’s activities. The approach is to say nothing and not give away the obvious contempt one feels for such days while of course enjoying the public holiday.

Public holidays lend themselves to the promotion of wage justice – demanding double time and a half – for those working on a tradition steeped day full of value celebrating things to which you are implacably opposed. Yes CBD is hugely conflicted by it all.

But please understand. Imagine after two weeks of losing heart in BS and the GULAG (GetUp!, Labor, and Greens) campaign strategies having to face yet another ANZAC Day with its militarism, appeals to sacrifice, service, selflessness , love, and of freedoms worth protecting.

It was nearly too much to bear. But in the very early hours after the dreaded day a strong ray of hope appeared on the screen. Surprisingly it emanated from the Apple Isle, or MONAland, as CBD prefers to call it, the place which has been forced out of recession and boasting the highest unemployment rate in the country by the combination of Liberal governments in Canberra and Hobart over the past six years.

Despite that encumbrance the Apple Isle has been blessed with a PC governor who abuses… oops uses every opportunity to virtue signal.

Imagine CBD in the depths of despair after enduring ANZAC Day. In the middle of the night stumbling across sustenance – real red meat type sustenance (apologies to any triggered vegans but it was really that good ). And all from the mouth of a Liberal Government appointed Governor. (Rumours suggest a familial relationship with Premier Hodgman. A Tasmanian thing. Sister in law of his stepmother).

In the midst of the platitudinous conservative values being extolled ad nauseum like a zephyr from the desert Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner was able to avoid mention of ugly old chestnuts like service above self, sacrifice, comradeship etc. Of there being causes for which it is worth to die like freedom and protection of loved ones. Or expressions of thankfulness for past sacrifice which bought today’s freedoms. No. All such hyperbole was thankfully set aside for a full throated PC drenched unifying speech about invasion day, discrimination, unfairness, and injustice. Exactly the inspiring speech CBD needed to keep self-flagellating about white privilege.

The powerful oratory of a former professor of law to so bravely ignore, if not repudiate, the High Court’s dismissal of the invasion concept thus allowing for the existence of land rights was breathtaking. The emotion if not the jurisprudence was just so heartwarming that CBD has become reenergised after the past few weeks.

Here was a PC type willing to use her white privileged office to denigrate the very society that has given her those privileges which makes her a true champion – and ensured ANZAC Day wasn’t that bad after all.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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