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The Left can thank themselves for rising ‘strongman’ politics

18 October 2018

4:15 PM

18 October 2018

4:15 PM

A new report shows that a third of Australians are in favour of “strongman” leadership. That is authoritarian leadership.

This should come as no surprise; it’s the direct opposite of insipid victimhood that is limply leaking its way through western culture leaving a rising tide of disappointment.

Rising populism and growing mistrust means people are looking for someone to forcefully lead.

The Australian Values Study (from the National University’s Social Research Centre) found that 33 per cent of Australians are in favour of an authoritarian leader. That’s a continued rise from 24 per cent in 2005 and 28 per cent in 2012.

Furthermore, Australians under the age of 35 showed the strongest support of a so-called “strongman”. One thing’s for sure, they’re not going to find that in Shorten.

The report also showed a decline in trust for political parties, the media and institutions. Around half of the population said they had “not very much” confidence in the federal government. A quarter said they had no confidence in the media at all.

Collectively preaching a narrative that doesn’t reflect real life experience, stifling free speech and continually trampling on masculinity runs the risk of elevating “strongman” politics even further. All of those factors are breeding resentment as anger bubbles and festers.

The gulf between the people and the cluster of elite politicians, an elite media class and cottonwool institutions is continually growing.

The masses feel unheard and, uniting in their mounting fury, they are searching for a strong leader.

Victimhood of the Left is sealing its own fate as on the other side of the scales, the rise of the authoritarian right becomes reality.

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