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Christian Porter sues the ABC: time to defund the left-wing circus

15 March 2021

1:00 PM

15 March 2021

1:00 PM

So, here we are — our national broadcaster is now firmly at war with the elected government of this country.  

Frankly, it’s been a long time coming but, finally, the(ir) ABC has been served up its just deserts.  

Attorney-General Christian Porter has commenced defamation action in the Federal Court against the ABC and journalist Louise Milligan 

This is where you end up when a Liberal government has failed to listen to mainstream Australians screaming that the(ir) ABC left-leaning bias is out of control.  

No wonder ABC presenters today look rather wide-eyed and startled while delivering the news that AG is suing our national broadcaster for publishing “false allegations against him”.  

The utterly out of control ABC left-wing activists may well believe they are entitled to smear the reputation of all men, and hurl around defamatory labels including “misogynist” and “sexist”, because their echo chamber has given it the green light. 

They are, however, sorely mistaken.  

Porter’s legal team accuse the public broadcaster of “trial by media” and Milligan of acting with “malice”.  

In their blind rage, the ABC madhouse has forgotten the presumption of innocence.  

It has shown zero respect for the rules of evidence, and instead attempted to bullishly set a new standard that if allegations appear in print, they must be true.  

Mainstream Australians have long been calling for the ABC to be held accountable.  

Now, they must insist it’s time for funding to end.  

Close it down, sell it off, do whatever you want with it, but taxpayers are sick and tired of paying for this left-wing circus and indulging the damage it is doing to foundation stones of our society such as the rule of law. 

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