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Teena McQueen: in the eyes of the left, conservative women are no better than toxic males

1 April 2021

12:51 PM

1 April 2021

12:51 PM

First, it was the patriarchy’s fault.

Then, it was the fault of “pale, stale, males”.

Next, unsubstantiated historical allegations were enough to get men fired.

And now, Liberal women are to blame.

For what?

For the left not being in power.

Honestly, is there an individual alive in this country that cannot see what’s going on yet?

This week, Liberal federal vice president Teena Mcqueen has been forced to apologise for something that she didn’t actually say.

She denied saying, “I would kill to be sexually harassed at the moment,” but apologised for making a joke at a party meeting.

She clarified, “What I said was, at my age – and it was a joke – every woman ages and I’m no longer sexually harassed – even though it was a comment about myself, but I will certainly not go there again.”

Teena, please do not let the PC brigade and angry left steal your sense of humour.

Interestingly, McQueen, who’s in her 60s, said she had never been sexually harassed by men during her working life but as a teenager, a woman had tried to sexually assault her.

“It was a very frightening experience so I can relate very well to sexual assault – just not from a man,” she said. “But sexual assault is sexual assault no matter who is doing it.”

Herein, lies the problem of Liberal women; they have an irritating habit of speaking the truth in the face of a false gendered narrative which is being manipulated to elevate females to power.

In the eyes of the left, conservative women are no better than the toxic males they loathe.

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