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Christine Holgate: the latest cannon fodder for the left’s misogyny narrative

13 April 2021

5:25 PM

13 April 2021

5:25 PM

In Senate Estimates hearings today Christine Holgate said she was “humiliated” by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

Therefore, apparently, he is confirmed as a misogynist.  

She said she was “bullied out of my job”. 

Therefore, clearly, Morrison should resign.  

She used the buzzword “survivor”, and now all men must accept a curfew because they are evil beings.  


Is anyone still falling for this rot? 

The relentless, tiresome left-wing activist pack are cheering again, their chorus led by key players in mainstream media who are intent on bringing down the Morrison government.  

Well, if you can’t win elections, but still believe you’re opinions are correct and the majority of us are fools, what other options do you have? 

The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson today tweeted, “I have nothing to hide” – Christine Holgate. Fierce, professional, dignified, unrelenting, polite, utterly believable, and able to turn around a business like @auspost to the tune of MANY millions. Do you think @ScottMorrisonMP picked the wrong woman to bully and humiliate?” 

This followed a string of tweets, including, “Christine Holgate wearing suffragette white on the Prime Minister’s sexist treatment of her…” 

Oh, spare me, please.  

What does this have to do with women securing the right by law to vote in elections? 

Are we really to believe that Morrison’s treatment of Holgate is evidence of sexism? 

Are we truly and honestly going to all nod along and tut at our PM for being anti-women? 

The outrage over this is yet another opportunity to kick our government in the guts.  



It’s another transparent attempt to pour more fuel on the anti-Morrison flames.  

The brainwashing narrative coming from our utterly messed up media is that Morrison hates women.  

Definitely don’t dare to mention his beloved wife and daughters.  

Left-wing activists are doing all they can to maintain the rage.  

The rest of us, sane, centrist and conservative women, see this for precisely what it is.  

While women’s websites rant the likes of, “You underestimate women at your peril, and the men involved in Christine Holgate’s dismissal from Australia Post clearly underestimated just how powerful a response to their actions Holgate would and could deliver.” 

Meanwhile, the rest of us sensible women know we are not underestimated because patriarchy is theory, not fact.  

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