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Hillary hits new heights of hypocrisy

15 October 2018

12:14 PM

15 October 2018

12:14 PM

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Hillary Clinton was swift to come to her husband’s defence. She said that Bill’s presidential affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t an abuse of power because… she “was an adult”.

Bill Clinton was 49 at the time. Lewinsky was a 22-year-old White House intern.

Asked if she thought her husband should have resigned following the scandal, she replied, “absolutely not”. She then turned the attention of questioning away from her and her husband – and on to President Trump.

“Let me ask you this,” she said. “Where’s the investigation of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made and which he dismisses, denies and ridicules?”

She also said that sexism is still a major problem in politics and blames sexism for her losing to Trump in 2016.

Nice try. But let’s return to Hillary’s most shocking comment; that Lewinsky was “an adult” and the affair was not an abuse of power.

If Clinton really, truly believes that it is not an abuse of power when the President of the USA involves himself with the White House intern, what is? Surely this is as clear an example as any?

And if being a 22-year-old “adult” made Lewinsky responsible for her actions, perhaps Hills should have a chat with the rolling stream of women who have come forward through the Me Too movement?

It’s also not long since Lewinsky herself spoke out about Clinton. In Nanette Hannah Gadsby lashed out at the comedians who made Lewinsky their punch line instead of Bill Clinton, “the man who abused his power”.

“I really want to thank you for that,” Lewinsky said on stage in Los Angeles with Gadsby. “On social media, actually, I’ve noticed, even if people don’t reference Nanette, there have been many more people who have referenced their regret at having seen me at just a punch line. I think that comes from what you put into the world.”

Gadsby replied, “When we have an easy punch line, I think we have to acknowledge that we’re dehumanising actual human beings. It was a genuine attempt to extend an apology from an art form that profited off shaming you. And there’s so many people like that.”

Well, well, well, Hills, this is all rather difficult to manage without looking like a complete hypocrite, isn’t it?

So, is Lewinsky a punch line or did your husband “abuse his power”? This is a very simple question (and no, Trump is not an answer).

Why on earth do so many people still not see why Clinton did not win in 2016? Many of the answers are right here.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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