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Dear Nicolle Flint, we’re all sick of the hypocrisy too

1 March 2021

4:00 AM

1 March 2021

4:00 AM

The list of those saddened by Nicolle Flint’s announcement that she will leave politics is extensive. Residents in her Adelaide electorate of Boothby are reported to be disappointed, as are an army of other supporters.  

A great number of us have watched the way Nicole handled foul left-wing lunatics with a great deal of admiration.  

Frankly, the hard-working member was put through hell at the last election. And all that stress was amplified by morons like ABC Adelaide radio host Peter Goers, who wrote a column criticising her polished look and smile. In a rancid column for The Sunday Mail, Goers referred to her “pearl earrings and a pearly smile” and slammed her “vast wardrobe of blazer’s coats and tight, black, ankle-freezing trousers and stiletto heels.” 

Can you even begin to imagine anyone from their uber left-leaning ABC critiquing a left-wing politician in this way?  

But, yet again, we see that conservative females are considered fair game.  

She copped it during her campaign when her office was graffitied with the words “skank” and “prostitute”, she copped it from their taxpayer-funded ABC, and she copped it from clowns like Mike Carlton, who sit on the sidelines and hurl Twitter tomatoes at anyone from the right of politics for their kicks.  

And then they attempt to lecture us about the Liberal Party’s “women problem”? 

Nice try.  

Some women are not more equal than others.  

And those of us with their eye on equality are incredibly saddened to be losing a hard-working, fair, extremely capable politician with a PhD in politics who brought real intellectual firepower to the parliament.  

Spare us the one-sided guff about women’s representation in parliament when it’s those on the left who played their part in her deciding that enough was enough.  

We wish you well, Nicolle.  


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