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Daniel Andrews is getting away with it

4 November 2020

2:28 PM

4 November 2020

2:28 PM

Last week I warned how Daniel Andrews can come out on top of the coronavirus crisis he inflicted on Victorians by claiming credit for the drop in cases, then directing anger at the inevitable economic agony at the Morrison Government as JobKeeper and other measures are wound back. It’s a long game, but he has two years to go before he faces the electorate. Indeed, the feds will have to go to the polls ahead of Andrews.

This week, we’re already seeing benefits flow Andrews’ way. After the “doughnut days” announcements, the Premier has pulled back from the limelight and his daily formal media conferences (he was out at, of all places, Werribee Open Range Zoo this morning). Victorians enjoyed a warm weekend, a four-day weekend for the many who took off the Monday ahead of yesterday’s Melbourne Cup holiday, and hit the shops, cafes, restaurants, parks and beaches to enjoy the weather and their new-found liberty.

They’re proved to be quick to forgive, as this week’s Essential Poll shows. The figures speak for themselves:

Essential Research

Victoria still comes bottom of the class, but it’s moved from failing territory in a mighty big turnaround. The improvement in Andrews’ personal figures is well beyond margin of error territory, too.

Today’s news from New South Wales about relaxing travel limits will only reinforce this mood, along with the removal of travel zone limits within the state.

The Liberal opposition remains either invisible or pointlessly puerile.

Peta Credlin and Flat White contributor Ken Phillips from Self-Employed Australia are fighting the good fight but at the moment, astoundingly, Daniel Andrews is getting away with it.

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