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Sacking Alan Jones was never the end goal

18 May 2020

5:00 AM

18 May 2020

5:00 AM

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the foulest fringes of the culture wars knows that Alan Jones was never the end goal.

The fierce activist campaign to remove him from radio was just piece one of an activist jigsaw.

When Daily Telegraph reported this weekend what “happened behind the scenes” of the end of Alan Jones’ breakfast show, it put in black and white what we all suspected.

And, frankly, we should all be incredibly concerned that the pursuit of ideological power is now having commercial consequences. We should all be watching our backs now.

The Telegraph reported that Nine Radio boss Tom Malone “paid Jones a visit at his Fitzroy Falls property.

Sources claim “time was up”, for Jones.

Hmm, that’s a familiar phrase too, to anyone paying attention.

It’s been eight months since Jones made his comments about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and the beginning of a boycott that saw more than 100 advertisers withdraw their ads from 2GB.

The Telegraph reports it cost 2GB “$80,000 a day in ad revenue” and had “crippled the station”.  

Mad F***ing Witches took just minutes after Jones’ resignation to claim his scalp.

The boasting has not eased up.  

On Sunday they wanted to be crystal clear who Australia should thank for the fact Jones won’t be “polluting Sydney’s air” any longer.


“Read it and weep. With happiness, that is. With joy,” they posted alongside the Daily Telegraph report. “With pleasure that finally, a group of angry sweary women (and men) have made a dent in the #StatusBRO culture of this country, and struck a blow which will reverberate down the corridors of power and entitlement for years…”

Their trademark furious post ranted about “powerful men”, “greed”, “misogyny”, “injustice”, “patriarchy” and “privilege”.

“Achieving great change takes time, and thought,” they wrote. It takes clear policy and single-mindedness. It is water dripping on a stone…”

They swore a lot at anyone else who has dared to try to claim any fraction of the Jones’ victory (even activist freaks Sleeping Giants and the Greens copped it, amusingly).

They thanked their “huge Coven of enthusiastic, wonderful witches.”

Interestingly, far-left exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford has dropped a series of very unsubtle references to witches and covens over recent days.

That’s interesting, considering she was booted by Nine Entertainment in 2019.

They think we don’t notice.

They also think we don’t notice that columnist, academic and ABC favourite Jenna Price was published last week endorsing censoring views she doesn’t agree with in a piece entitled, ” The hashtag that shook the foundations of Alan Jones’ power.

In 2012, I dreamt of the day Alan Jones would retire or be sacked,” she said, with all the sanity of Miriam Margolyes wishing death on Boris Johnson.

Jane Caro is name-dropped alongside Sally McManus and #destroythejoint hashtag (which is best known for using all violence in the country to bolster it’s ideological, gendered stance).

“I’m not sure whether Jones’ audience really got sick of him but the advertisers did,” Price wrote. “They know that in their business, the kind of overt personalisation by Jones and others, the perceived violence of Jones’ remarks, won’t fly. The cheap gotcha and humiliation no longer pays dividends. Women are developing personal, political and financial power, slowly, not yet uniformly, but getting there.”


Alan Jones was never the end goal.

The players, the strategy and the aim have all been named.

This woke witch wants all conservatives and centrists gone. 

Pay attention, please.

If you’re not on the green far left, they may come for you next — and even if you are, you’re not guaranteed safety.  

Illustration: Mad Fucking Witches/Facebook.

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