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All you need to know about Adam Bandt in just three Tweets

4 February 2020

2:40 PM

4 February 2020

2:40 PM

What do you need to know about Adam Bandt? He’s a twit. A hard-left twit from the inner-city — such an unwitting parody of an inner-city type, in fact, that he has his office on Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street. Fitzroy’s fading Brunswick Street. That’s right. He can’t even get down with da kidz properly. Nearby Smith Street’s far more happening.

But we’re focussing on this twit and his Twitter, so here are just three Tweets from just the last three weeks that expose just what a loony left extremist the new Greens leader really is.

Here’s how Bandt responded to Tanya Plibersek’s entirely sensible suggestion that children learn about the citizenship pledge in schools:

And that #PayTheRent hashtag and the Melbourne rally Bandt attended? Here’s a comprehensive take on it from The Australian:

The organisers of a Melbourne “Invasion Day” protest at which attendees were encouraged to “pay the rent” for living on “stolen land” have accused those asking questions about the governance of the fundraiser of being “racist”.

Buckets for cash collection, credit card facilities and online links were made available to attendees and other supporters who were told by protest organiser and Gunnai and Gunditjmara woman ­Meriki Onus: “Whether you live here, or in Gippsland, or up in Brisbane, you live on Aboriginal land, and you have an obligation to pay rent to the local blackfellas of that area”…

Ms Onus’s cousin, activist and former state Greens MP Lidia Thorpe, hit out at those who asked questions about where the money was going… “For those questioning the governance of the pay-the-rent concept, how dare you? It is racist,” she said.

Ah yes. This from the party that puts such values on accountability and transparency, that wants a federal ICAC and, er, bans journalists from its conferences. That party of transparency and accountability. But on to Tweet II:

A slight case of hyper-bowl, as Julia Gillard would pronounce it? What is Bandt? A leader of a parliamentary party in a Westminster democracy or some silly student Trot? The answer is he tries to be both. He’s one of those fools who wants to have his cake and eat it. Good luck with that.

And Tweet III?

“A few fellow citizens.” Really? “A few”? It might come as news to Bandt, but according to the Minerals Council of Australia, coal “employed around 50,000 workers in 2018 with another 120,000 indirect jobs supported by the coal industry.” That year, the MCA says “Australia exported 203 Mt of thermal (energy) coal worth $22.6 billion and 179 Mt of metallurgical (steel-making) coal worth $37.8 billion”, adding “the Australian coal industry paid over $5 billion in royalties in 2017-18”.

So, with one push of a button, Bandt would not only be happy to throw 50,000 of his fellow Australians out of work and undermine the livelihoods of more than double that quantity, but proud. Indeed, he wants us to take that step, create that heartbreak — and to lose $60 billion dollars worth of exports and $5 billion of direct royalty payments to the public purse at the same time.

Adam Bandt in three tweets from three weeks? A hypocrite, a hysteric, an extremist and an economic illiterate who treats his fellow citizens with a callous contempt — quite possibly because it appears he believes a love of this country is very, very wrong indeed.

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