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True equality, ideology – and PC priorities

2 December 2019

5:00 AM

2 December 2019

5:00 AM

Extremist ideology, in any form, can never sit harmoniously with true equality.

By its very nature, extremist ideology places some humans ahead of others, reshuffles individual importance and creates ranks.

Whether its religion (believers versus non-believers), gender (men versus women) or climate (alarmists versus sane), extremist ideology and true equality are inherently paradoxical.

We see this time and time again around the world.

Usman Khan chose to end the lives of strangers on London Bridge last week because his ideology instructed him to do so. The Islamic notion of jihad is existentially threatening to the West, as its focus is to fight the ‘enemy’.

It is violent and uncompromising – and ultimately we will continue to see the butchering of members of the public on our streets until we are honest about the problem that confronts us.

Meanwhile in 2017 over 3000 people were arrested for “hate speech” online because, apparently, PC priorities have overtaken common sense.

Usman Khan had been freed from prison for terrorist offences and was wearing an electronic tag when he decided to go on a rampage and murder two people while injuring many more.

He was a convicted terrorist for his role in the Stock Exchange plot, a planned Christmas bomb attack on the London Stock Exchange, the American embassy and the home of Boris Johnson (who was Mayor of London at that time).

In 2008 he told the BBC in an interview, “I ain’t no terrorist”.

He should have still been locked up.

He should never have been released.

He certainly should have been banned from central London.

The current system isn’t working — but the police are busy tackling “hate speech” online. Because, PC priorities.

In Australia, a woman was charged with murder after a fatal stabbing in western Sydney on Saturday night.

It’s reported police were called to a home in Glanville. Upon arrival, they found a 34-year-old man with serious injuries. He later died in Westmead Hospital.

A woman was charged with murder.

This is domestic violence.

Meanwhile, the government funds a gendered narrative that insists that men are evil perpetrators and women are innocent victims.

The government is funding extremist ideology, not fact.

True equality does not, ever, put any human life before another.

True equality would never attempt to justify stabbing another human being on London Bridge.

True equality would not see us in denial about the truth that both men and women are capable of violence.

It is sick and tragic when ideology takes hold of individual minds and causes destruction.

It is troublingly avoidable when ideology affects government policy and an extremist gendered narrative specifically works against true equality, which is ultimately the only answer and only path to peace.

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