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Wheeling in the circus

14 November 2019

12:00 PM

14 November 2019

12:00 PM

The inaugural Broadside festival of feminist ideas — yes, that festival behind that episode of Q&A — ran last weekend in Melbourne. There was much talk about “privilege”, “values”, “whose voices we hear”, “power”, blah, blah, predictable blah…

Essentially this was like a kindergarten philosophy class where toddlers are having a food fight while attempting to tackle the meaning of life.

The Wheeler Centre plugged the event asking, “Can we find solutions to our problems if we’re trapped in the patterns of thinking – and living – that caused those problems in the first place? And if we keep calling on the same kinds of people to come up with the answers?”

Apparently these questions are “likely to arise again at the Wheeler Centre in coming weeks.”


As a teaser for the next riveting event, the Wheeler Centre continues, “Later this month, we’ll look at how people with disabilities can lead discussions on climate change adaptation.”



Who thought this was a genius idea?

How on earth does someone’s disability relate to “climate change”?

The mind truly boggles.

The Wheeler Centre was previously called “Centre of Books, Writing and Ideas”. Presumably, someone realised it was no longer appropriate to suggest that all ideas are good ideas.

But if you want to blow your mind further, the Wheeler Centre proudly adds, “If you missed us at Broadside, we’ve started to publish recordings from the festival – you’ll find them on the Wheeler Centre podcast.”

You’re welcome.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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