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Is the feminist left allergic to accountability?

28 October 2019

5:00 AM

28 October 2019

5:00 AM

This Saturday, a woman was arrested after two young girls were found dead in Perth. Assistant Commissioner Paul Steel said the two murdered child were aged six and 10. The mother, in hospital with self-inflicted non life-threatening injuries, was charged.

On the same day, Rosie Batty, wrote a piece for The Saturday Paper entitled, “Keeping children safe in the family law system”.

In just one day we were all confronted with a heartbreaking, stark reminder that feminist ideology should never have wrapped itself around our conversations about domestic and family violence.

Safety of children can not and should not be allowed to become knotted up with man-hating ideology about “toxic masculinity”. Bad parents who damage their own children come in both genders.

Batty insists we need to “ensure that family law does not become the turf on which petty political battles are fought”.

Seemingly, she has not noticed that she played a part in laying said turf.

But the left don’t care about the truth, do they?

They don’t care about children suffering at the hands of twisted mothers; they only care about their own biased narrative.

The left are utterly allergic to accountability because there is no one to hold them to account.

Last week, NOW, the support group founded by Tracey Spicer issued an apology to the women who approached it to report sexual harassment. It said it had made “early errors and missteps” when it was launched amidst a flurry of media attention.

Spicer may well have slipped a crown atop her head, shimmied into her robes and announced she was going to singlehandedly bring down the Australian patriarchy, but where oh where is the responsibility?

These women came forward to detail their painful experience of sexual harassment on the promise of legal support and counselling. What happened to them?

NOW said in its statement, “it quickly became clear that we did not have adequate resources nor enough legal or counselling expertise to support survivors in a trauma-informed way.”

And that’s good enough?


Spicer is set to accept the Sydney Peace Prize next month for her “work”.

And everyone is fine with this?

Sydney Peace Prize? It’s best known for the organising committee’s anti-Semitism — and the recipient’s ratbaggery.

Come on.

Why is the left allowed to simply stand up and walk away from all accountability? Are we all supposed to remain mute while this outrage unfolds?

Why is the left repeatedly permitted to denounce all responsibility?

Remember the Luke Batty Foundation closed its doors as questions were being asked about its finances? Where was the Four Corners investigation on that? And White Ribbon?

Why is the left deemed untouchable?

Just last week The Australian reported that the gender-equality focus is a flawed policy approach to domestic violence. It showed domestic violence is “significantly linked to alcohol and poverty, contradicting government policy focusing on gender equality as the key to eradicating the problem.”

Is the Australian domestic violence industry going to be asked to return the millions of dollars of taxpayer’s coin?

And as for Spicer, what is going to happen to whatever personal information that was collected? Will it be securely destroyed or will someone take safe custody of it?

Furthermore, what is/was their privacy policy? Did they publicise that while they were blowing their own trumpets and claiming victory over evil men in the Australian media?

Did they observe relevant privacy legislation requirements?

To what standards were they compliant?

And what about the risk of defamation and ruined lives.

Where the hell is any accountability for screeching left on this blazing warpath of division?

While our mainstream media talks about “press freedom” it is a timely reminder that weak proprietors and senior staff have been complicit in handing over mainstream media to the left, meaning the very media who should be holding this circus to account will not.

It’s time all this talk about the “rise of the right” was given some credence. It’s time conservatives stood up, came together and summoned the courage to hold these clowns to account.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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