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Sorry, Sam, but you’re a he or a she

23 September 2019

1:19 PM

23 September 2019

1:19 PM

While most of us have been working hard to pay our mortgages and bills, the left has been full-time employed eating itself over gender ideology.

Popstar Sam Smith announced he was changing his pronouns and media outlets had to promptly apologise for failing to get them correct.

In addition, The Guardian published an (inadvertently) amusing piece asking whether we should now clarify our preferred pronouns when we say hello.

The piece looked at YouTube star ContraPoints aka a trans woman by the name of Natalie Wynn. Her videos frequently clock up more than a million views but she came a cropper when she dared to question “pronoun introductions”.

If even The Guardian is confused by language, which can “reinforce gender binaries”, what hope is there for the rest of us?

The author asked, “Wouldn’t it be better if we just worked towards a future where “he” and “she” weren’t weighted with so much meaning?” before concluding, “Gender is messy and complicated and incredibly emotional. Pronouns are personal, and everybody’s relationship with them is different.”

What a pickle they’ve got themselves into.

Actually, gender is incredibly straightforward.

It is defined by appendages to your body at birth.

It is not messy, complicated or emotional.

Anyone with common sense isn’t walking down the crazy path of gender ideology because they can see you can’t win; social justice activists will ensure you are never quite woke enough.

Adding a dash of the ultimate hypocrisy, this tweet took off into the Twittersphere about British musician Mark Ronson:

Can you imagine what hell would break loose if this was a conservative mocking someone from the trans community?

Since when did being a red-blooded male become illegal to these geese?

Believe what you want to believe, but everyone in Australia should be concerned that activists in Victoria want to enshrine gender ideology in laws around free speech.

Most of us do not believe that boys or girls are restricted in what colours they can choose to wear, toys they can play with or career paths they can follow.

But, you are either a man or a woman.

Identify as whatever you like but do not expect us all to address you in your own strange version of the English language.

Ultimately, bullying people into using incorrect grammar is not going to fix some people’s self-inflicted identity crisis.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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