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GULAG says: you go, Gladys!

11 August 2019

6:30 PM

11 August 2019

6:30 PM

The non-cis-gendered Individual Number One of the Canberra Cadre writes:

Yet again CBD is heartened by to see the hard right (i.e. the Liberal Party left) delivering on the GULAG – Greens, union, Labor and GetUp! agenda.

Who would’ve guessed the NSW Premier, Health Minister and sufficient others of the hard-right willing to dance to former Green turned Cloversita Alex Greenwich’s tune to deliver abortion reform.

It confirms CBD’s newfound confidence – why bother winning elections when you can implement your agenda through a compliant element of the hard (or should that be herd) right.

It is a matter of regret that the legislation had to be debated and pesky questions were allowed to be asked. Indeed even speeches against were allowed to be delivered.

Nevertheless, the artfulness of GULAG was something to behold. Our use of language so subtle yet devastating. Our moral superiority and friends in the media being so entrenched ensured many of the hard-right were either silenced or not reported.

Full term abortions, sex-selection abortions, method of abortion, dealing with accidental live deliveries – all issues the ugly hard right wanted to talk about to derail the momentum. They wanted to discuss, and explore those topics but they were deftly ignored by GULAG which relied on the tried and proven method of chanting slogans based on choice, freedom, feminism and liberation.

The success of this recent exercise is a textbook example of how to deliver( an unfortunate term by CBD in the context) on GULAG’s agenda of undermining the value of human life and Western virtues.

Here are the steps:

  • Develop the plan of action
  • Set out the desired outcome
  • Work out numbers needed to achieve the objective
  • Target enough fellow travellers in the herd right – those that don’t believe in anything other than being woke
  • Have the legislation ready to roll
  • Get the Transport Minister to ban anti-abortion posters on buses to distract attention
  • Set aside protocols, standing orders etc. and ram it through the parliament.
  • Desirable as it would’ve been to have it done and dusted in a day to achieve the above in a week is still worthy of a special Stalin Star for democracy.

And the added bonus is it leaves the herd right and their supporters shell-shocked, devastated and demoralised.

But the core success is people of all genders can now discard any surplus to requirement cells in their body.

At last! Freedom and autonomy for all. For all except, of course, those surplus cells.

The CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the 2019 election campaign – and we have not heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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