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Malcolm Turnbull’s a more effective opposition than the GULAG gang

8 July 2019

5:09 PM

8 July 2019

5:09 PM

Brother Number One of the Canberra Cadre writes:

The first week of Parliament has been an unmitigated disaster. Bob Hawke, who was rightly eulogised, would’ve been shaking his head about events.

Greens, unions, Labour and GetUp – GULAG – in disarray, publicly splitting asunder on principle and populism over that corrosive of all issues -allowing workers to keep more of their earnings.

The idea that wages actually belong to the worker! Talk about bourgeois individualism. Wages are a source of income for the central government to create the workers’ paradise. Surely Labor representatives understand such basic tenets. Yet there were some of them advancing this ugly individualism. At least the Greens held firm. Dr Nut Ally and his Greens know how to play the envy, jealousy, class warfare and tall poppies cards. Labor’s incapacity or unwillingness to effectively use this stock in trade approach is deeply concerning to CBD and fellow GULAG travellers.

Without a greater tax take central planning is stifled as is the capacity for public service wage rises while the idea of individual autonomy and lack of reliance on government takes hold. A double whammy!

As deeply concerning was the hard right spruiking tax relief as an answer to low wage growth and cost of living pressures. Such cynical manipulation of language. So very damaging. It actually sounded sincere and believable. The great unwashed are in real danger of falling for this deceit. They may believe the hard right actually cares and delivers on their election promises. And all the while Labor allowing it to happen in the first week of the parliament.

GULAG needs a reset on policy and tactics. The dominance of SM’s Team in the first week needs to be halted.

Former Ministers Pyne and Bishop helped by taking jobs requiring SM to seek advice on the appropriateness of their gold digging. And the ever giving MT slid the slipper into SM over the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s (not Folau) capital was also helpful but of limited impact. But the thought was there.

Thanks MT. GULAG life membership must be pending.

The CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the 2019 election campaign – and we have not heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

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