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Australia should cop out of COP-24

2 December 2018

4:51 PM

2 December 2018

4:51 PM

Prime Minister Morrison should make no new commitments at the COP24 climate-fest this week in Poland.

We do not trust what politicians and officials are doing behind closed doors far from home.

Nothing of benefit to Australian consumers, taxpayers or business will come out of COP24. It will just extend the UN’s war on our cheap, reliable hydrocarbon fuels and the backbone industries that rely on them – primary industries, transport, processing and manufacturing.

Australia is particularly vulnerable with no nuclear power, no geothermal power and limited hydropower. This war on reliable hydrocarbon fuels and the promotion of unreliable wind and solar power will increasingly deny our industries and consumers cheap reliable power.

There is no justification for the war on carbon dioxide – there is no proof that CO2 drives global temperature and it is a delusion to believe that Earth’s climate can be tweaked by erecting windmills or putting taxes on carbon dioxide.

COP24 will descend into a grab for cash, and Australia is one of the fat pullets they plan to pluck.

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