Maurice Newman

A triumph of hope over experience

15 June 2024 9:00 am

Let’s acknowledge the UN has ceased to serve the interests of the West

Modern slavery

25 May 2024 9:00 am

China shows the way

The Spirit Whale has spoken

4 May 2024 9:00 am

Activists are weaponising indigenous myth-making

40,000 lives lost for what?

6 April 2024 9:00 am

Australia is lurching towards full-blown socialism

Will no one rid us of the meddlesome mandarins?

2 March 2024 9:00 am

Australian public servants are out of control

A pandemic that should really scare you

10 February 2024 9:00 am

The disease that is socialism

Beware Xi’s iron fist

13 January 2024 9:00 am

China has been gravely weakened but that makes it more dangerous

Wake up! The UN is not our friend

16 December 2023 9:00 am

It’s time to walk away

Australia – a democracy in name only

2 December 2023 9:00 am

Dictatorship of the woke bureaucrats

Time to drain the indigenous swamp

4 November 2023 9:00 am

Who exactly has benefited from the billions in indigenous welfare?

Climate of fear

7 October 2023 9:00 am

Soon you won’t even be able to talk about the weather

The Year of the Snake

16 September 2023 9:00 am

How soon till Xi strikes?

C’mon, Ref!

19 August 2023 9:00 am

The ABC’s misconduct continues to be ‘breathtaking in its audacity’

There are none so blind

5 August 2023 9:00 am

The solution to indigenous disadvantage is being wilfully ignored

Je suis Emmanuel?

15 July 2023 9:00 am

France and Australia are both on the same Marxist trajectory

The ABC of delusion

24 June 2023 9:00 am

Sackings as journalistic standards hit rock bottom

Truth bleaching

27 May 2023 9:00 am

From climate to Covid, our freedoms are being wiped out

But we have forgotten

6 May 2023 9:00 am

Our promise to the Anzacs is being trashed

Mao’s last stance

15 April 2023 9:00 am

Democracy crumbles. Next stop, Tyranny?

He’s not the Messiah

4 March 2023 9:00 am

Chalmers’ post-Whitlam education explains his delusions

Why you should vote No to the Voice

4 February 2023 9:00 am

Subsidised apartheid is no solution

Back to the Dark Ages

17 December 2022 9:00 am

Serfdom, here we come

It couldn’t happen here, could it?

19 November 2022 9:00 am

Liberty and freedom are disappearing fast

Super delusions

29 October 2022 9:00 am

Future retirees risk being betrayed

False predictions fuel climate ‘consensus’

8 October 2022 9:00 am

The global warming game is rigged