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The week in misandry

9 November 2018

11:25 AM

9 November 2018

11:25 AM

A quick peek at what’s going on the flip side of feminism – where it’s all about women.

A woman from Canberra admitted to falsifying rape claims that saw her former partner jailed. He spent months in jail but this week in an ACT Magistrates Court she admitted to making the false claim and staging a crime scene.

A 32-year-old woman from Safety Bay has been charged with attempting to murder her teenage daughter. No mention of domestic violence.

Eurydice Dixon was allegedly murdered by an autistic man who drank heavily before attacking her. Jaymes Todd has pleaded guilty. This has nothing to do with gender inequality and everything to do with a mentally ill man who was extremely intoxicated.

A Townsville woman who allegedly went on the run with her young daughters is the latest to be charged by Australian Federal Police investigating an underground child-stealing network in Australia.

Three recent surveys have revealed people believe the #MeToo movement and accusations have been excessive. Public scepticism about accusers has increased according to SafeServices.org.

A video of a woman hitting herself with a hammer emerged on social media. It’s reported she intends to use the self-inflicted injuries to make false allegations against her boyfriend.

A woman stalker lured a 15-year-old girl to a park in Melbourne with promises of free booze before raping her. She then bombarded her with manipulative text messages. How to blame toxic masculinity?

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