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Julia Gillard’s gender facepalm

5 April 2018

12:20 PM

5 April 2018

12:20 PM

Julia Gillard has said she played the gender card all wrong. Good news, you may think? Most intelligent, cognisant adults would imagine this is some kind of an epiphany. Perhaps even an apology for introducing radical changes to family law? Not so. There is no apology for rolling back shared parenting laws that had been introduced by the Howard government in 2006, making fathers’ lives a living hell.

Gillard says she “made a mistake in not raising her gender earlier in her prime ministership and has warned Australian politics will not be a ‘kumbaya world’ once gender equality is achieved,” reports Fairfax Media.

Gillard was speaking at King’s College in London for the launch of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership. She is chair. Apparently the chair of Beyond Blue wasn’t quite big enough.

Don’t you just love these fem-fools who keep moving the goal post and asking for more chairs? Welcome to feminism musical chairs.

“We want equality – but we also want supremacy”.

“We want equality – but women must be believed in Family Court.”

“We want equality – but it will still be sh-t when we get there.”

What’s the point, Gillard?

Talking about that famous misogyny speech, she says it came from a place of “cool anger”. Truth is, it came from a flaming bed of failure.

In her speech in London, she encouraged younger women who say they haven’t experienced sexism to take heed of the data. As in, “don’t you dare believe your own lived experience”?

Heaven forbid they actually haven’t experienced sexism.

As she said in her very own words during the speech, “I would have said across a lot of my political life, my life in the law before that, that I hadn’t experienced any barriers because of my gender.”

So, she’s admitting her gender never stood in her way? This is genius Gillard.

“I thought for a period of time that we were going to be the generation that everything was going to be different”, she continued.

If only she could admit that it could all be so different now if someone (her) had not made that misogyny speech, someone (her) had not played the gender card in a panic, and instead actually made a success of running the country (definitely not her).

“And look what I learnt along the way,” she added. Oblivious. Distracted thinking about which chair to go for next, perhaps?

Gillard, you learned that you were perfectly capable of making bad decisions. You blamed men. You blamed misogyny. You leaned on your gender.

Yet, you have just confessed that gender wasn’t an obstacle until it became a convenient escape route for you.

And now, there is a whole new career to be made of pushing “the data” rather than reality and convincing a new generation to buy into the gender victim narrative.



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