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Clementine and Gillard? Together? Am I dreaming of a blight Christmas?

18 December 2020

1:16 PM

18 December 2020

1:16 PM

News headlines throughout 2020 have pretended to be concerned about the soaring male suicide rate.   

We’ve seen the government allocate unprecedented spend on the issue, and heard plenty of virtue signalling about tackling the silent scourge.

There’s been chat about a ‘bloke blindspot and we’ve read about horrific mental health surging as a result of the pandemic.

In the midst of this, Australia’s most unapologetic exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford tweeted that COVID wasn’t killing men fast enough. 

The understandable blowback was so fierce, she’s avoided the platform ever since. 

But, don’t think she’s been sitting in quiet reflection, pondering on whether her hatred for men is energy the world could do without. 

Oh no.  

On Thursday, the exhibitionist feminist stepped up to the mic to speak on a podcastFor 43 minutes. About misogyny. With … Julia Gillard. 

Yes, Gillard, the chair of mental health charity Beyond Blue. 

In March, Beyond Blue welcomed $10 million in government funding for a national mental health support service related to the coronavirus outbreak. 

“This pandemic is having profound impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of many Australiana’s – we are seeing that with our current services,” Gillard said at the time. “People are looking for support to cope…” 

Fast-forward to this week and Gillard was giggling with Clementine Ford. 

They claimed to be offended by the lack of opportunities for women. 

Ford described herself as uncompromising” and “honest”, called Morrison “moronic”, and sneered at the idea that equality has been reached in this country. 

Right now, desperate men are deciding whether they can cling on to life. 

Right now, men are alienated from their children and won’t see them over Christmas.  

Right now, in 38 out of 43 countries around the world, more men than women have died from covid; twice as many men as women have died.

And righnow is the time these two arrogant left lunatics choose to indulge in a little misandry to finish off what has been a foul year? 

No, I can’t imagine anyone has any clue why men’s mental health is in such a dire ditch. 

Merry Christmas from the muppets of planet misandry. 

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