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Julia, you should have gone to the police, not the ABC

6 July 2021

11:02 AM

6 July 2021

11:02 AM

Another day, another anti-Morrison whinger decides to jump aboard the bandwagon to sit alongside miserable ghost Malcolm Turnbull and his even more miserable mate Kevin Rudd.  

Seriously, is there any worse way to start the day than listening to failed Liberal MP Julia Banks whinge and whine on every breakfast TV show that will have her? 

There were allegations of harassment, bullying, misogyny, mansplaining and Morrison’s “menacing behaviour”… all before promoting her new book.  

To clarify: she didn’t make a complaint, she didn’t go to police, but she did instead run crying to the(ir) ABC, all while whispering, “buy my book”.  

Even if you were still half asleep, buried underneath the doona, you’d see through this twaddle.  

She claims she was subjected to an unwanted sexual advance at work from a cabinet minister, but is at pains to stress that her issue is with Morrison, not Turnbull.  

She complained to ABC host Laura Tingle on 7:30 about a “Mad Men-esque” culture at the heart of federal politics, and of course our left-leaning, publicly funded, anti-Morrison national broadcaster lapped it all up while handing out publicly funded popcorn.  

Morrison, boo hiss.  

Conservative men, boo hiss.  

Banks has talked about one evening at Parliament House when a cabinet minister, quote, “made a move on her”.  

But let’s definitely not mention that it was in fact Turnbull who was leader at the time, because that’s not useful to the Scotty from Marketing being a loathsome misogynist narrative, is it?  

Banks says she froze and told another female MP.  

But, let’s also ignore the inconvenient truth that not only did Banks feel harassed by someone in Turnbull’s cabinet, another female MP felt unable to speak up about the physical harassment, also under Turnbull’s leadership.  

In a statement, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “The Prime Minister is not aware of any allegations of sexual harassment Ms Banks faced. Any such behaviour is completely inappropriate. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their workplace, and the work currently underway by Kate Jenkins will continue to improve Parliament’s workplace culture.” 

Turnbull, of course, said he was not aware of the alleged incident, which had occurred under his watch.  

Funnily enough, that hasn’t stopped him salivating at the opportunity to stick the boot into the man who replaced him, again… while the(ir) ABC continue to pack their programming schedule up with this relentless anti-Morrison crusade. 


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