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Has Yassmin Abdel-Magied missed the hatred spewing from the Left?

13 July 2017

12:55 PM

13 July 2017

12:55 PM

Sometimes I wonder if the Left are actually living, breathing and experiencing the same planet. In today’s Guardian Australia, someone climbs up onto their high horse from the left-hand side.

“The story is increasingly a familiar one: a journalist or activist speaks out against the status quo, and is confronted with a barrage of abuse and violent remarks online,” the left-handed scribe writes.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is being hailed as proof that can-do-no-wrong activists are victims of “online hate mobs wielding violence and abusive threats in an attempt to suppress legitimate criticism of those in power.”

Anyone who believes online hate only flows in one direction needs to actually check their connection to the real world.

You can’t devour the benefits of being a government funded activist and then howl when you make a bad call. You may well be an activist but that doesn’t mean you are always right.

People weren’t outraged by Abdel-Magied’s offensive Anzac Day tweet because she’s young, a woman or Muslim. Please stop trying to make this entire discussion about something it’s not.

This is nothing to do with suppressing legitimate criticism and everything to do with respect. Simply, she chose the wrong day to try to make a point. This is not an opportunity to wheel her out as a glittering example of how hard it is for poor lefties to try to change the world.

The bizarre article then launches into chatter about politicians fuelling online campaigns to enable the government to make political gains. The Guardian Australia informs us this is called, “patriotic trolling”. George Christensen and Peter Dutton are swiftly hurled under the bus. Apparently, it’s disgraceful for the Immigration Minister to call the activist who dragged her agenda into a day of respect for those who served a “disgrace”. See? They’re on a different planet.

Abdel-Magied’s mistake was unjustifiable. It is absolutely bizarre to try to lean on this to substantiate an argument about “media censorship and state propaganda.”

Does anyone seriously believe that “online hate mobs” only come from one side? Has anyone honestly missed the ongoing hatred and vitriol that’s spewed from the Left?

The recent census revealed we are more culturally diverse than ever before. Someone tell these goons that timing is everything.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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