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EXCLUSIVE: Vaccination status to be linked to Working with Children Check?

20 September 2021

5:56 PM

20 September 2021

5:56 PM

Flat White understands that the New South Wales Working with Children Check may soon be linked to an individual’s current vaccination status.

An official announcement—as part of the roadmap out of lockdown NSW—is expected to be announced in the coming days. This will come out as part of the NSW Government Health Order.

Such a move will mean that those who remain unvaccinated would have their Working with Children Check revoked.  

This will mean that they will not be able to teach or work with children in the future.  

The proposed legislation will impact an enormous cross-section of the community. This is because, according to the NSW Government’s website—Office of the Children’s Guardian—a WWCC is required for child-related work, even on a voluntary basis, such as staff, parents and volunteers. This includes: 

  • Providing services for under 18’s 
  • Where the work normally involves being face to face with children 
  • Where contact with children is more than incidental to the work 

What’s more, the following roles also include a Working with Children Check: 

  • An adult who resides or stays regularly (i.e. several nights a week) on the property of an authorised carer (foster carer or other authorised carer of children in statutory or supported out-of-home-care) 
  • a home-based education and care service provider 
  • a family daycare service provider (where care is provided at home) 
  • potential adoptive parents. 

Initially, the Berejiklian government took the unprecedented step of requiring all teachers across NSW—in both public and private schools—to be vaccinated by October 25. But if this move goes ahead, it will soon be extended to people working with children in a voluntary capacity such as after-school care, youth leaders, Ministers of Religion and even Sunday School teachers. 

Watch this space.

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