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We’re all in this together – except the(ir) ABC

30 September 2020

7:33 PM

30 September 2020

7:33 PM

Anyone who didn’t see this coming has been living in a rock. Or possibly hiding in a basement with Joe Biden.  

ABC staff has voted against a pay rise freeze. 

Yes, you read that correctly. In the midst of a pandemic and economic hell for the majority of hard-working Australians, these media buffoons have voted to give themselves more of your money.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher had requested, not once, but several times, that the corporation’s staff vote to defer their pay increases — as many other publicly funded bodies have. 

But no. 

In May, Fletcher asked the ABC to pause a 2 per cent pay rise. 

ABC Managing Director David Anderson said he would be unable to force a pay freeze without seeking permission from the Fair Work Commission. 

Ita Buttrose asked staff to vote on the decision, because, apparently, that’s how this ridiculous collective works.  

Today, The SMAge reports that it’s seen an email from the ABC’s chief people officer Rebekah Donaldson saying that staff have voted against pausing the pay rise.

SMH reports that 80 per cent of staff votes were against the deferral of a pay rise.

“We felt it would have been a fine gesture of solidarity with those across the media sector who have been doing it much tougher than the ABC,” said Fletcher. “It is evident from the results of today’s vote that ABC staff did not share this view.” 

Surely now, anyone who has doubted the whopping egos of ABC staff needs to have a rethink?

All media outlets are currently cutting costs and losing staff. This is a clear example of the ABC’s sense of entitlement, utterly out of touch psyche and its protected species status. 

Many in commercial media are working four day weeks on 80 per cent of their pay during COVID, while working far longer hours to cover coronavirus on top of everything else.

What a gross display from our national broadcaster, patting itself on the back and gifting itself with a rise at a time of national economic pain.  



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