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Donald Trump, American Churchill

2 November 2020

12:01 AM

2 November 2020

12:01 AM

It is no exaggeration to conclude that humanity is approaching a crucial turning point, with one path leading us further into the light, the other into the darkness.  

At times such as this, providence may well ensure that a leader emerges, one who saves a civilisation from collapsing into an age of barbarism. 

The great turning point of the previous century was on 28 May 1940. That was when Winston Churchill, an unlikely and recent choice as prime minister, finally prevailed against the appeasement of Hitler. Offering nothing more than ‘blood, toil, tears, and sweat’, he famously declared that if their civilisation were to  last for a thousand years, men would  still say: ‘This was their finest hour.’’  

The US elections on 3 November are the turning point of the twenty-first century.  

The American people will not only be choosing a President of the United States but, as such, POTUS IMPERATOR, the leader of the free world.  

That choice will determine whether freedom, as we know it, survives. 

It is relevant to recall the years before 1940, beginning with the then British prime minister Neville Chamberlain’s announcement to the House of Commons of his 1936 ill-fated mission to Munich. This was greeted with such enormous relief he was granted a rare standing ovation. But Churchill knew that Hitler could never be trusted; he and four other MPs remained seated.  

From the beginning, Churchill consistently rejected appeasement. Similarly, Trump has insisted that he will never accept the ‘inevitable’ managed decline of the United States,  the renunciation of her exceptionalism nor the need to subsidise and promote the cause of hostile powers.  

One of the great differences between 1940 and 2020 is that the two alternatives to Churchill, Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax, were honourable men. 

Never in Nazi pay, they did not plan to turn Britain into some neo-Nazi state. But they believed, not unreasonably, that after the massive losses of the First World War, the price of fighting another war was too high. Victory over the Nazi machine was seen as unattainable, with the two evil empires, Nazi and Communist, capable with imperial Japan, of dividing most of the world between them, perhaps thus avoiding the Japanese attack on the United States whom they saw remaining in her self-selected isolation.   

The alternative to Trump, Joe Biden, was not only vice president during the eight years Barack Obama managed the decline of an ‘unexceptional’ United States. With the far-left manifesto agreed with Bernie Sanders as the price for the Democrat nomination, and with a likely early succession to extreme-left Kamala Harris, a Biden-Harris presidency will ensure the accelerated decline of the United States and the rise of Beijing to world domination.  

Even worse, Biden appears seriously compromised in what seems a far greater scandal than Watergate, one which involves Communist China.  This centres on reports in the New York Post about emails found on a laptop his son Hunter Bidon abandoned in a repair shop. This confirms unchallenged reports by best-selling author Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, in two books published over the last three years, Secret Empires and Profiles in Corruption.  

The essential theme has been corroborated by Hunter Biden’s lawyer demanding the computer repairer hand over the hard drive. Further corroboration is emerging through Schweitzer being granted access by Bevan Cooney, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, to his email account. In addition, retired U.S. Navy lieutenant Tony Bobulinski, onetime CEO of Sinohawk Holdings (a partnership between a Chinese energy company and the Biden family)  has revealed that while in office the former vice president “was a willing and eager participant in a family scheme to make millions of dollars by partnering with a shady Chinese Communist firm”. 

The evidence suggests the Biden family, with no special skills, shared between then considerable wealth through the sale of access and influence to foreign oligarchs into the very seat of power in Washington.

Curiously, this has only been reported superficially, if at all, in the mainstream media, with Facebook and Twitter blocking the reports and otherwise sanctioning those who dared relay the story.  In addition, the FBI has long had possession of the computer. 

It should be stressed that this much of this is alleged to have occurred at the very time when Biden was the second most senior member of the Obama administration, one presiding over not only managed American decline but also the transfer of manufacturing to China and the regulatory limitation of energy development. This also involved a soft response to the taking by pressure and outright theft of American intellectual property, the manipulation of its currency, the breach of WTO rules on international trade and Beijing’s flagrant defiance of the ruling of an international tribunal against its annexations in the South China Sea . 

By way of contrast to the shameful surrender of American power and transfer of wealth to not only the Communists but also to Iran’s terrorist Mullahs, Trump’s promise to make America great again radiated out in the 2016 campaign, not just over the United States but even beyond the seas to those who, until then, knew little about him.  

Trump’s agenda to return the world-influencing Supreme Court to a strictly judicial role was a rallying call to those at home and abroad who remain inspired by the immortal words of the Declaration of Independence that ‘man is endowed by his Creator (not some politician or even Karl Marx) with certain unalienable rights’.    

This document is central to American exceptionalism and to Western civilisation. As Churchill said, the Declaration follows on the Magna Carta and the (English) Bill of Rights as the third great title-deed on which the liberties of the English-speaking people are founded.  

Trump’s promise of a new approach to the affairs of the world, one based on American restraint from conflict, a massive build-up of American forces and an intelligent and a refreshingly unorthodox approach to diplomacy was to be so remarkably successful that peace has broken out in vast parts of the Middle East, with a line of countries wanting to join Israel, the UAE, Bahrein and now Sudan in the Abraham Accords.  

So much so that I and three Australian law professors with international reputations had no hesitation in nominating him for the award of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. What he achieves in his likely second term will no doubt make that award even more deserved.  

Trump’s belief in American exceptionalism, as with his belief in God, are far more important than the elites will admit.  

Much of the success of the long march of the far left through American and other Western institutions can be explained through the rejection of the belief in a Creator, a belief which is a core part of American exceptionalism.   

After education and Hollywood, the most prominent institutions to be captured by the left in recent years are the Democratic Party, the mainstream media and now the major sports. There, any patriotic role on great occasions is being downgraded and subverted, with a predictable adverse effect on TV ratings.  

Partaking of this long march, communism has proved insatiable, adopting any new and fashionable theory which will damage traditional institutions, and especially the family. Why else is there such an obsession with constantly increasing abortion rates, including late-term and even after-birth killing — notwithstanding the fact that those babies killed are disproportionately African American? And why are children now being so abused with ‘teaching’ about gender fluidity? 

Wise words attributed to GK Chesterton, entirely consistent with his writings, provide the answer.  

This is that ‘ When man stops believing in God, it is not that he believes in nothing. It is that he believes in anything.’  

Hence the elites’ endorsement of anything against traditional views or common sense, from sexual self-selection to the Paris Accord’s answer to the non-existent problem of man-made global warming, so false that the name became ‘climate change’. 

The 2020 turning point is between a world led by the most benevolent dominant power   ever known, the United States, and one dominated by the same Communist Party which deceitfully allowed the CCP or Wuhan virus to spread without warning across the free world  

This is no benign power, but an evil kleptocracy which seriously mistreats its own people, imprisoning Uighur Muslims in slave labour camps,  persecuting   Christians and killing young and healthy Falun Gong practitioners to feed their organs into a despicable on-call human organ trade. It is relevant to recall why the communists suddenly turned on the Falun Gong. This was only when they realised that its endorsement of traditional teaching, of the universal virtues of truth, compassion and forgiveness, meant its proliferating body of practitioners could not, as a matter of conscience, be robotic followers of whatever Orwellian Ministry of Truth decree the party decided what was the order of the day.  

It is appropriate to recall that against all conventional opinion, President Ronald Reagan believed that making America and especially her armed forces strong would bring down the Soviet Union.  He was right, the USSR collapsed without the US firing even a single shot. As with all people, the Chinese prefer freedom, demonstrated by those who swam through shark-infested waters to gain refuge in what then was the free Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

As President Trump pulls away the subsidies and buffers the previous administration raised to protect and endow Beijing, and as he returns America to its traditional values, Beijing’s  Communists will no doubt be lying awake at night fearing what may well come to pass.   

When the CCP or Wuhan virus first appeared, Beijing behaved appallingly in closing down Wuhan but allowing people to leave and fly across the world without testing them and without warning other countries or the WHO. Had the virus not spread into the United States, such was the economic, foreign affairs and defence success Trump attained in his first term,  a second term would have been beyond doubt.  

Meanwhile, with the capture by the far left of the Democrats, that party now also operates through two sinister arms. One is a well-funded, mobile, quasi-military arm, operating under the labels BLM and ANTIFA, which has, with the undermining and defunding of the police, caused a succession of riots, looting, assaults and destruction in Democrat-run cities.  

Then there is. as we have seen, the propaganda arm, the mainstream media. This extends to their agenda polling which was so disastrously wrong in 2016 and which should be disregarded.  Even with compulsory voting, genuine pollsters can make fundamental and sometimes predictable errors, as all pollsters did in Australian in the last federal election. 

It is reasonable to conclude predictions in media-favoured polls of a massive Biden landslide are not plausible.  According to Rasmussen support among Asians and, Hispanics since 2016 have more than doubled and among African Americans more than tripled.  In addition, the entirely rational reaction to ridicule, outrage, harassment, slashed tires, broken windows, dismissal and, even assault or the threat of murder is to be a ‘shy’ Republican voter. The proportion of these has no doubt increased significantly over the near 12% estimated in August by Cloud Research . Even in distant Australia, many Trump supporters are often reluctant to tell their friends to avoid an irrational reaction brought on by the local media acting an echo chamber of the American mainstream. 

There will be a problem of fraud, probably not as great as in Australia which made the serious mistake of centralising control. A US Supreme Court at last consisting of a majority who are not agenda-driven politicians in black robes should prove to be an adequate antidote. 

In the meantime, with the Churchillian virtues of courage and love of country, along with extraordinary energy, a professional ability to entertain and an extraordinary and proven way of enthusing vast numbers of supporters and with the conclusions of the few reliable polls,  Trump is  sure to prevail and prevail very well.  As to enthusiasm,  I can only recall the experience in the last Australian referendum, one to impose a fake republic to increase control by the political class. Supported by most politicians and elites, all of the mainstream media and vast wealth, the No case alone enjoyed grassroots enthusiasm. We won in a national landslide as well as winning all states.  The lesson is that when one side alone has enthusiasm, especially when voting is voluntary, enthusiasm will win.

This is indeed a major turning point, one as important as that faced by Winston Churchill. The threat is that the curtain will be run down on two centuries of leadership of the world by the most benign and benevolent powers, imbued with concepts of freedom and liberty, presiding over a  political and economic system which has increased living standards across the world, first Britain and then the United States. 

As it was with Churchill, the world is fortunate that Donald Trump is destined to lead the United States and the West away from the darkness into the light in what one eminent author presciently refers to as the Trump century.  

David Flint and three other law professors, Augusto Zimmerman, Gabriel Moens, and James Allan nominated President Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Award for the Trump Doctrine, which is already having such a remarkable success, especially in the Middle East. The three other named professors are in no way responsible for the views in this piece.

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