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Petitions are the new elections – if you’re Kevin Rudd

12 October 2020

5:00 AM

12 October 2020

5:00 AM

If you can’t win elections, what are your options? Will you sit back and accept democracy, or will you arrogantly pursue your own ends via peer pressure? 

If you’re on the left, you will, apparently, choose the latter. 

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has launched a petition calling for a Royal Commission into Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. 

Kruddy has labelled Murdoch’s company a “cancer on democracy”.  

He reckons Murdoch media is running a protection racket for the Liberal and National Party.  

Clearly, he does not believe that individuals are capable of thinking for themselves.  

He says the move has been prompted by his “passion for the country’s future”.  

Blind Freddie can see what’s really going on here.

Kruddy’s ego is wounded; it has been since Murdoch’s outlets backed Abbott way back in 2013 — despite all the work he did before the 2007 election, including his pilgrimage to sit at the feet of Murdoch himself in New York.

Murdoch Derangement Syndrome is alive and kicking.  

How about a Royal Commission into the intensely left-wing biased mainstream media which is, by this logic, influencing votes too? Shall we investigate the(ir) ABC, SBS, Channel 10, Channel 9 and its papers and more? 

Also — dare one ask — is all this frothing and fuming a politically acceptable way for Krud to throw a tantrum that the prime ministership was taken away from him more than a decade ago not by any media magnate, but THAT woman?

Kruddy might have been a useless prime minister, but he’s still smart enough a politician to know that the Twits just love Murdoch madness — and he could never go Gillard.

It was interesting to see the ABC’s Michael Rowland tweet on Kruddy’s petition, writing,The former PM launches a petition to establish a Royal Commission into the behaviour of Rupert Murdoch and his editors in Australia.”

Oh, the luxury of sitting in a secure, handsomely taxpayer-funded position and having the gall to criticise the “behaviour” of a commercial rival and his editors.

This is outrageous.  

Every single day, hardworking Australians part with their dollars, by choice, to purchase media produced by Murdoch.  

Is look-at-me Kruddy suggesting choices should be restricted?

Would he like to control the Internet too?  

This notion that Murdoch media influences minds in 2020 when there are literally millions of online news sources is utterly absurd.  

How about people consume whatever media they choose, pursue all the information they desire via multiple outlets, and make up their own minds?

Sit down Kruddy. 

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