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Lidia Thorpe: trying to change the system from within?

6 October 2020

3:52 PM

6 October 2020

3:52 PM

Imagine loathing a country so much that you take a seat in its parliament.

Step forward Lidia Thorpe, Richard Di Natale’s replacement, who has formally joined the Senate on today. 

Forty-nine years after the racist pigs of the Coalition sent their first Aboriginal representative to Canberra, 22 years after the Australian Democrats and seven years after the ALP, the Greens will finally have an Indigenous member of the federal parliament.

And boy, does she want to be noticed.

“It’s not an easy thing to do as a sovereign black woman to then swear allegiance to the Crown and the very people who caused great harm to this land and the people who belong to it,” Thorpe told the Nine Entertainment papers.

Presumably, we’re meant to feel sorry for her, about this terrible decision she has made herself?

“It’s not something that my community’s excited about the same way as the rest of the community,” she continued. “I’m swearing allegiance to the coloniser, so I think the first speech [to the senate] will be what people will be more excited about.”

This is, essentially, a very long-winded way of saying they’re not thrilled about her being a massive hypocrite. 

Imagine slagging off a company, radically campaigning against it, and then admitting to your family and friends that you’ve sold out and accepted a job there.  

That is, basically, what Thorpe has achieved here; all of her own free will.

“We’ve never benefited from colonisation, we’ve only seen the destruction of our land and water and of our people,” she says, blatantly ignoring the bulging buckets of cash that have flowed in a direction she’d clearly not look directly at.

Of course, we’re not allowed to ask what has happened to the buckets of cash, because that would be “racist”.  

Thorpe has been part of the Pay The Rent campaign, which, with a straight face, asks white Australians to pay for living on “stolen land” as a form of reparation to Indigenous Australians. (She’s the person who’s slammed queries over the governance the movement and the monies it raises as racist, too.)

These are the same posse who claim Australia Day is “Invasion Day”, despite the fact there was no warfare on the day of the arrival of the First Fleet.  

Australia was not invaded, it was settled. 

But when you’ve accepted a job at The Firm that supposedly is the enemy, facts clearly no longer matter.

Apparently, it’s time to “Pay the Rent” until you can accept a hefty salary directly delivered into your bank account named Ms L Hypocrite.  

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