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How can singing “Never, never, never shall be slaves” upset Black Lives Matter?

25 August 2020

3:35 PM

25 August 2020

3:35 PM

You would imagine that a song about ‘never, never, never’ being slaves would make the Black Lives Matter movement happy. 

Aside from the violent Marxist uprising fine print, anti-slavery is practically their thesis. Don’t panic, ‘logic’ and ‘political correctness’ are not ideas you’ll find sharing a bed any time soon. 

What started as low-key Maoism has taken a Stalinist turn with Rule Britannia on the chopping block at the BBC. The 1740s song is traditionally sung to thunderous flag-waving at the Last Night of the Proms after the audience has suffered through hours of diminishing talent. There are also plans to drop Land of Hope and Glory because it paints a terribly racist and unwelcoming picture of Britain. 

This departure from reality sparked a lopsided debate between a handful of angry academics and the entirety of the British public. 

Covid19 has presented the BBC with an opportunity to woke-ify the Proms. Dalia Stasevska, the Finnish conductor booked for this year, put it best when she said, ‘a ceremony without an audience is the perfect moment to bring change’. Mostly because an audience would boo her off stage, pick up their flags and sing it anyway if she tried to pull a stunt like that. 

This is how cultural genocide is performed – to a set of cameras in an empty room. 

Considering the whole night is meant to be a celebration of British talent, I wonder that the BBC couldn’t locate a single British conductor rather than a foreign national who wants to hack pieces off another nation’s heritage. If a Brit did that in Finland at a traditional performance they’d be labelled ‘colonialist’. 

A little sympathy – it must be awfully triggering for self-loathing activists who deify the European Union to watch a shimmering ocean of Union Jacks as the audience re-enforces the widening divide between europhiles and the citizenry. These songs are patriotic and there’s nothing the ruling class of academia hate more than a country that loves, respects and honours itself. Patriotism for Brits represents a tangle between democracy and monarchy, which Communist sycophants find disastrous to their revolutionary dreams. 

Cultural cleanser Richard Morrison wrote that including Rule Britannia would be, ‘insensitive, bordering on incendiary’ to Black Lives Matter. Weirdly, most Brits thought much the same when child-mobs gathered during a pandemic and defaced a statue of Winston Churchill, despite one of their spokespeople having no clue if the historical giant was alive or dead. 

Rule Britannia is about the refusal of the British people to submit to aggressive nations. They will never allow their people to be slaves. Like Trump, they will win. 

Unwittingly, these activists have torn the wool off themselves and revealed an inconvenient truth that many of us have long suspected. They do not consider themselves British. Most stirring outrage at the BBC were born abroad. 

In the name of diversity, inclusion and cultural sensitivity, the UK’s soul is being slain under the nose of an allegedly conservative government. Boris Johnson reprimanded the BBC last night, but it was more of a ‘slap and tickle’ than a wooden spoon. 

Rule Britannia is grander than nostalgic patriotism. It was belted out by Britons defending their heritage from rampaging Black Lives Matter vandals and swelled in the streets at midnight on January 31 when the UK officially said bugger off to the European Union. Rule Britannia has become a symbol of resistance, and like all rivals to the throne, the sword is after its neck. 

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