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You can replace the leader but unless honesty replaces gender theory, White Ribbon is finished – again

24 June 2020

6:06 PM

24 June 2020

6:06 PM

When White Ribbon closed its doors last year, under a dark cloud and serious financial question marks, many hoped we’d seen the last of it.

At the time it was a whopping $840,000 in the red.

Its failure was applauded by both sides of politics and the culture wars, largely thanks to claims it had hoarded funding and done little (if anything) for front line victims. 

Unfortunately, it’s back.

White Ribbon appears to be unflushable, but that hardly makes it a success 

Today, the organisation will announce what is being described as a “complete overhaul”.

There’s talk that the ambassadors and advocates program will be axed and replaced with “community partners”.  

The pledge is under review.  

Looking into my crystal ball, I see two clear problems emerging very swiftly this week. 

Firstly, the organisation is still clinging to the broken gendered narrative, so much as the new chief executive may say its time for “less talk and more action”, clearly it’s still time for more talk about evil, “toxic” men.  

The new chief exec Brad Chilcott is described as a “veteran social justice campaigner”. If White Ribbon is aligning itself with “social justice”, God help us all.  

Speaking of God, Chilcott is a Christian Pastor and this brings me to the second big immediate hurdle. 

Social justice warriors loathe Christianity.  

There is a reason “ScottyFromHillsong” has been trending on social media since Christmas.  

Just as they hate Morrison for his Christian beliefs, they will reject this new leader despite its attempt to align with “social justice” causes.  

Chilcott is described as a “progressive activist”, he is very much of the left of politics, started his own church within the same Pentecostal denomination as Hillsong, and is intent on bringing about policy change.

I have said before that the feminist narrative should never have wrapped itself around the hugely complex and challenging issue of domestic violence. 

For religion to wrap around the feminist narrative, shrouded in a layer of social justice, finished off being wrapped in a layer of political aspirations, spells an absolute disaster.

More importantly, it means more money not landing where its desperately needed, realistic grassroots programs being further ignored, and progress being torched.  

Rather than bleating on about “social justice” and insisting it’s time for “less talk and more action”, how about acknowledging some of the contributing societal factors to domestic violence?  

How about leaving gender at the door? 

You can replace the leader of this white nightmare a thousand times, but unless honesty replaces gender theory, White Ribbon is finished.


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