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The worrying web of witches

9 June 2020

5:00 AM

9 June 2020

5:00 AM

If you’ve been trying to ignore the culture wars, or thought you were above them, hopefully, recent violent events on streets around the world are enough to make you sit up and pay attention.  

Our democracy is in crisis; these aren’t peaceful protests we’re seeing no matter how many times the(ir) ABC insist.

These are riots.  

The left can’t win elections and so, this is their Plan B.  

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the culture wars saw this coming, and to say we’re now in real trouble is a vast understatement.  

The far-left have hijacked the media, which is now plain to see. Not one mainstream media outlet dared to challenge the utter hypocrisy of the riots during a pandemic while quiet Australians have been forced into unemployment.

But this mob is not happy yet.  

I said a few weeks ago, again, that sacking Alan Jones was not the end game for these troublemakers, and here we are…

Andrew Bolt is the next target.

Mad F***ing Witches are a menace to society who think nothing of hurling abuse, trashing reputations and walking all over people who stand in their way.

Last Thursday they called Bolt a “convicted racist” and announced, “It’s time to take on Bolt, and his employer.” 

They continued, “Today is Day One of our new action post-Jones. We will ask witches to politely yet firmly contact Bolt’s advertisers, and ask them if they wish to be associated with a man publically and repeatedly denigrating a child [Greta Thunberg], questioning her mental health, and spouting egregious f***ing bullsh*t about the science of global heating…”

On and on it went.

On and on they ranted. 

On and on they will go until people wake up to this rancid web of far-left activist witches.

Some interesting retweets amidst the lunatic fringe activists over the weekend, included ABC favourite Benjamin Law, Kerryn Phelps, Emma Husar and David Shoebridge.

Remember those names.

Remember these associations.

If you woke up on Monday morning wondering why Harry Potter has been cancelled, why a statue of Abraham Lincoln –the president who ended slavery, for chrissakes — was desecrated in London, or why Samantha Armytage was trending over something she said in 2015, it’s really time to wake up.  

Look at this web of far-left activists, read their names, and start calling this crap out.

Politicians and much of the mainstream media have now been intimidated into excusing these foul bullies.

It is up to every sane individual to stand up, speak out and say enough.

This was not about Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, or whoever the witches — and their useful idiots in the media, willing to put already tenuous journalistic jobs at risk — decide to target next, this is about rewriting every book, cancelling every person who doesn’t read from their script, ripping down every statue, changing every date, rewriting history and fulfilling the socialist dream.  

Illustration: Mad Fucking Witches/Facebook.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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