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Mad at the witches

2 September 2020

11:08 AM

2 September 2020

11:08 AM

All is not well in the dark world of Mad F***ing Witches. While they’re attempting to keep up appearances with memes and trademark angry rants, their latest campaign is attracting some backlash. 

Ahh, poor loves.  

Don’t our hearts bleed for the Mad F***ing Bitches who are trying to make so much of a dent in News Corp earnings that hundreds of Aussies lose their jobs? 

Unfortunately for the mad pack, sane Aussies are waking up to this ridiculous agenda.  

You’ll remember they recently went after Deliveroo? That didn’t quite go to plan either; they were seemingly unaware that William Shu is the co-founder and CEO of Deliveroo and that doesn’t quite align with their anti-white man agenda.  

Now, they’re attempting to reclaim their fundraising brownie points.  

Over the weekend, they posted some photos of doctors and nurses with yummy treats. “Witches, here’s the second post in our Meals For Medics fundraiser,” they wrote, proudly. “Back in March, we started a GoFundMe to buy goodies for doctors, nurses, ancillary staff and cleaners in the worst #COVID-19-affected hospitals… We raised just over $5,000, but because Australia’s case numbers had already dipped so low, it seemed silly to distribute the funds at that time.” 

What’s that noise? The sound of roaring laughter? Shh, it gets better… 

“However, when Victoria’s wave got worse again some weeks ago, the first thing we did was to instigate new discussions with Victorian hospitals to see if they’d like to receive something special from our fundraiser,” the witches continued. “We established that what they’d most like were cakes and other goodies, so we then contacted cafes close to each hospital to arrange deliveries of yummy stuff…” 


They’re using a fundraising platform to spruik for donations, but then contacting local cafes to ask for donated “yummy stuff”? 

Hilariously, it was not just us at the SpecOz who looked on with raised eyebrows at this latest dodgy behaviour. 

The first comment to flutter onto the post ranted, “As a registered nurse, this campaign disgusts me. Doctors & nurses are well paid & can well afford to buy their own ‘yummies’. This food should be going to the homeless, unemployed & domestic violence shelters.” 

Someone else was quick to like that comment and add, “As a public health worker I agree 100%.” 

Mysteriously, the comments quickly disappeared.  

But, fear, not, we took screenshots and are delighted to share them with you. Because, when a rancid, ranting pack of feral far-left wing activists get shouted down by their own supporters, it only seems fair to donate some of the deliciousness… 

You are SO welcome.  

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