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“Corona-sexism”, cry the poor me women brigade

23 April 2020

11:00 AM

23 April 2020

11:00 AM

The Morrison government has poured not one million, not several million, but $1 billion into support services during this coronavirus pandemic. 

As hundreds of thousands of Australians lose their jobs, battle hours on the phone to Centrelink to try to claim what they desperately need, the government also added the funds a range of support services. The package included $669m to expand Medicare-subsidised telehealth services, money was dished out to Lifeline, Kids Helpline, plus $150 million was tipped into the national domestic violence initiative.  

In every respect, this government has stepped up and scaled up services to provide support during these challenging times.

Is it enough to quieten the cries from the poor me women brigade? 

No, of course it’s not.  

The Mad F–king Witches who went after Alan Jones, 2GB, News Corp and anyone who isn’t politically aligned with the far left are still on their whizzing around on their broomsticks.

“If anyone ever votes again for a party so dripping with misogyny, they are absolute idiots,” they wrote.

If you’re accusing the government who’ve just poured $150m into the national domestic violence initiative of misogyny, you’re a goose. 

If you’re attempting to assert that the Morrison government is misogynistic when the whole domestic violence industry in this country has been entirely built around the fraudulent Duluth model — which insists women are innocent victims and men are evil perpetrators — you’re a goose on a broomstick.

You know that saying about people revealing their true colours during times of crisis? These witches just outed themselves.  

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