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25 March 2020

5:40 PM

25 March 2020

5:40 PM

It was only yesterday that the SpecOz launched its effort to generate modish social capital in these times of trouble — the Twit of the Day — and the response has already been enormous.

In case you missed the background, it’s simple. We believe it’s more important than ever that we now join together as a community — and what unites us more than laughter; laughing at the members of the Twitterati who make the most pointless, irrational, obtuse or telling remarks in this time of crisis.

Amazingly, today’s Twit also comes from the ABC; ABC chief economics correspondent Emma Alberici. You know her. The one who has problems with basic economic concepts such as revenue, reporting it as “income”, giving the impression it is equivalent with profit.

Emma, given your problems with mere concepts, are you sure it’s in the public interest to offer advice on specific such as numbers — particularly now?

Twit of the Day.

During the duration, you too can submit your contenders for Twit of Day — links, preferably — by emailing us at flatwhite@spectator.com.au and together we will make it through this crisis.

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