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Introducing our Twit of the Day

24 March 2020

4:08 PM

24 March 2020

4:08 PM

In these times of trouble, it’s important that we join together as a community — and what unites us more than laughter?

So, from today on, let us, in Churchill’s words, go forward together and laugh at the members of the Twitterati who make the most pointless, irrational, obtuse or telling remarks.

We’re going to start with a double yolker today; a double yolker with two jokers, both — by amazing coincidence — from the ABC.

Come on down, Barrie Cassidy.

Well, that’s how many years of protests of objectivity out the door in just 20 words? And thank you so much for confirming the culture of bias that exists at your long term employee.

Twit number two is one-time alleged comedian and ABC presenter Wendy Harmer.

While thousands of newly unemployed were queuing outside Centrelink wondering what the future held for them, Whinging Wendy was upset by the quality of her audio, as she’s doing her program from home. While businesses were shutting their doors, Whinging Wendy was throwing a strop demanding — you guessed it — more money for the ABC.

Whinging Wendy appears to have never heard of the telephone, even though landlines have been around for well over a century — and are usually considered to produce good enough quality audio by ABC producers for interviews.

So there you have it. Barrie and Wendy. Our first two Twits of the day.

During the duration, you too can submit your contenders for Twit of Day — links, preferably — by emailing us here and together we will make it through this crisis.

Special thanks to Caroline Di Russo for inspiration. 

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