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Egg Boi, Greta gone? Don’t say the grown ups are back in charge?

22 March 2020

12:34 PM

22 March 2020

12:34 PM

What happened to Egg Boi? The school kids who marched against Morrison, have you seen them? And of Greta, what news? The complete absence of young people from the international conversation on coronavirus is conspicuous.

For some years now we have become accustomed to our media outlets informing us on a regular basis of the thoughts of today’s celebrity youth on our various faults and failings. The ridiculous sight of Greta lecturing grown men and women had come to lose its shock.

Now, her absence from serious debate on a crisis facing humanity comes as something of a shock itself. Indeed our newsfeeds now seem to have completely abandoned youthful spokesmen and women altogether.

Are we not taking our lead from people who have their breakfast made for them anymore? The more accurate question might be ‘were we ever?’

All of a sudden experience matters again. What was clickbait only weeks ago is now lost in the search engine algorithms and the value of reliable news sources has risen.

Our nations no longer turn their lonely eyes upon today’s Joe DiMaggios. This is serious.

It is a shame and a shameful inditement on our media sources that it has taken something as devastating as the coronavirus outbreak to return their viewers eyes and ears to informed judgement. But here we are.

One cannot hope a child to understand the impacts of over-dependence upon globalist beliefs. It will soon seem bizarre to us that we once thought a child could understand the equally complex issue of climate change. But there we were.

The coronavirus outbreak will change many things in ways we can not yet predict. The media’s focus will be one of them.

Garth Hamilton has worked with governments around the world to deliver significant infrastructure and policy outcomes. He writes on issues facing right of centre politics, stating the case for a compassionate conservatism and strength in leadership.

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