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Harvey Weinstein shows the system works

25 February 2020

10:00 AM

25 February 2020

10:00 AM

It doesn’t matter what side of politics you’re on. 

Neither does it matter which side of the culture wars you fight on. 

The Harvey Weinstein verdict should assure each and every single one of us that our justice system works. 

It does not protect powerful men.  

After nearly a week of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict that the disgraced movie mogul was guilty of two of five counts; third-degree rape and a criminal sex act. 

He was found not guilty on two counts of predatory sexual assault and rape in the first degree. 

He will be sentenced on March 11 

He still faces sexual assault charges in Los Angeles. 

During the trial he had shuffled in and out of the courtroom with the aid of a walker. 

Suddenly, following the verdict, he didn’t use his walker as he was escorted to jail. 

No, we should not always “believe women”.  

No, the #MeToo movement isn’t invincible. 

No, we should not throw out due process.  

No, men are not all evil perpetrators.  

But sometimes, when a man walks out of court without the walker he’s been leaning on for months, you can see very clearly that justice has absolutely been served.  

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