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Finally, the truth about contemporary feminist theory

3 February 2020

11:02 AM

3 February 2020

11:02 AM

I have long said that modern feminists don’t even know what they’re fighting for anymore. Sure, they don their pussy hats and march with angry feet but why? 

Last week I wrote about my charming Australia Day message from exhibitionist extremist Clementine Ford.  

I dared to say I love this country.  

She replied: 

As Moira Deeming so rightly chimed in on Facebook, “Lol. A ‘feminist’ using female anatomy as an insult”.


I then wrote about the hypocrisy of our mainstream media continuing to employ a woman who hurls abuse at other women under the guise of ‘feminism’. 

Ford replied: 

My response was simple, “I’ll put this on the record here; the moment this “feminist” called another woman “irrelevant”. Ford’s brand of “feminism is simply about hate.” 

And there we have it… Modern feminism demolished.  


Illustration: Twitter.

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