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The other extinction rebellion: against the extinction of real learning in our schools

25 November 2019

5:00 AM

25 November 2019

5:00 AM

The(ir) ABC appear shocked to find that conservatives in Australia are pushing back against leftism in the classroom.

“One Nation voters are turning on the mainstream educating system as conservatives across the country express a deep mistrust of what they say is a ‘leftist agenda’ taking over the classroom,” writes the ABC.

This data from the pathetically skewed Australia Talks National Survey will surprise no one except latte-sipping, inner-city dwelling luvvies of the left – many of whom are employed at the taxpayer-funded ABC.

Bias dripped through the entire article as the author seemingly attempted to wrap their brain around the truth that left-leaning bias in education is a fact, rather than a perception.

Of course, our dear friend ‘climate change’ got a hefty mention.

One quick peek at the hoards of school children skipping school to march against “climate inaction” confirms that schools have become dens of activism rather than centres for learning.

Is there not one person working at the ABC who would put up their hand at this juncture to point out that it’s not just ‘far-right extremists’ who are speaking up against schooling activism?

In fact, this has little to do with political leaning and everything to do with common sense.

With Australian school results going backwards and standards relentlessly slipping, many across the entire political spectrum are sick of seeing children’s minds polluted with activist extremism rather than good old-fashioned learning.

The hideous fact that children as young as six are now being taught about masturbation speaks volumes about the vile leftist gender agenda replacing reading, writing and arithmetic on the school curriculum.

Only a far-left extremist would imagine that schools should be teaching sex to six-year-olds.

Well, well, well…

Please step forward The Guardian, who last week claimed: “centrism is a dead weight in Australian politics”.

If your worldview makes the sensible centre a “dead weight”, I would suggest your worldview needs a refresh.

Are these clowns really suggesting that extremism is preferable to centrism?

Similarly then, being reasonable and balanced is unacceptable?

Only the furious fringes of activism are permissible to these jokers?

Considering The Guardian journalists have rolling invitations to the(ir) ABC shows, the fact they’re celebrating extremism should be a genuine concern to all who are sensibly sane.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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