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Scrap the family law inquiry, Greens? Hell no!

15 October 2019

5:02 PM

15 October 2019

5:02 PM

On Monday, Larissa Waters moved a motion calling for the abandonment of the Family Law Inquiry.

She posted on her social media, “I have heard evidence from front-line domestic violence services that women are telling them offenders are feeling emboldened by the inquiry and by the media commentary that women are liars.”

Is she for real?

I’m sure some of the many domestic violence providers are speaking up – and pretty sure they will say anything to protect their plush funding.

But importantly, where was this media commentary she speaks of that “women are liars”?

It certainly wasn’t on the(ir) ABC who came out swinging. There was not one ounce of balance in their coverage as they savaged Pauline Hanson for daring to suggest that some women make up allegations against their exes.

It wasn’t in the mainstream media either who have all dutifully followed strict reporting guidelines as supplied by government-funded anti-men biased agencies.

“More women at risk or suffering domestic violence or abuse will be damaged by the toxic vitriol the family law inquiry will unleash, making it harder for them to come forward and access support,” Waters continued.

This is the same bizarre logic many tried to use around the same-sex marriage debate in a blanket attempt to silence all critics.

I would ask why the Greens have sprung into action on this issue but it seems clear it’s an attempt to remain relevant?

After all, the majority of common sense Australian’s have had a gut full of far-left green activists gluing themselves to whatever they can find in front of them.

Right now, the Greens are looking for a cause to get their teeth into.

However, the truth doesn’t fit this narrative. Just this week it’s been reported that a 15-year-old girl falsely accused a family friend of molesting her because she was “looking for attention”.

Can the Greens and far-left fembots consider for one moment what message they are sending to young women by constantly chanting, “Believe women”?

Can they stop for one second to consider the truths that emerge during the family law inquiry may actually be enlightening and important?

Or are they so hell-bent on fighting for relevance and protecting the gravy train of funding that they’ll battle to the end for this inquiry to be scrapped?

Actually, don’t answer that…

Clearly, it’s up to the sane among us to mobilise and ensure that this inquiry forges ahead.

There are lives at stake – men’s, women’s and children’s. And every one of those lives matters, equally.

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